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Visual Novel Translation Status (10/18/2020)

Welcome to the Fuwanovel VNTS, where we shamelessly copy the work of one illustrious 4chan /jp/ member in collating translation progress and add minor dabs of value through corrections and additions. Entries with updates this week in bold, entries released or added bold italic.

Today’s picture is for Robotics;Notes Elite/DaSH, one of the later releases in the sci;adv franchise. There are some moderate concerns about the loc/terminology, so holding off on playing until a fan fix patch becomes available may be wise (CoZ aims to release one within 30 days).

Fan Translation

Aiyoku No Eustia – 100% Translated, 98.76% edited, partial patch released
Akatsuki no Goei – Being retranslated from the beginning (-100% KEKW)
Amagami – “Script translation done. 2107/2329 original edition scenario scripts edited (90.5%)”
Amayui Castle Meister – Rough patch released with 63% of dialogue translated, overall 74% translated
Chaos;Head Noah – 4 routes finished first past translation, other routes on going
Chicchakunai Mon – 49.7% translated
Fuukan no Grasesta – Project starting up
Gore Screaming Show – Prologue + day 1 patch released, 15,59% [5827/37383] lines translated
Gin’Iro, Haruka – On hold for the time being, Common + Bethly + Hinata + Momiji routes translated, Yuzuki 30.62% translated, overall 67.24% translated, Common+Bethly+Hinata+Momiji routes patch released
Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no – “Main School” routes fully translated, Editing and QA ongoing on the Main School routes, overall 66% (45248/68206) lines translated (+1186, +1%)
Junketsu Megami-Sama – New partial patch released
Kud Wafter – 24436/64692 (37.72%) lines translated
Lover Able – 100% translated, 93.41% edited (Edit +1.59%)
Maji Koi A-4 – 8 of 62 scripts translated
Nursery Rhyme – 100% translated, 35% edited
Oreimo Tsuzuku – All scripts through TLC+Editing, technical issues resolved
Pure Pure – 95.59% translated
Pure x Connect – 16661/43896 lines translated, 9324/43896 lines edited, prologue patch released
Shin Koihime Musou – 100% translated, 36% (39000/108888) edited (Edit +76) (well I guess that’s progress too)
Shukufuku no Campanella – Trial patch released
Steps to Love – Common route TL patch released
Summer Pockets Reflection Blue – 100% lines translated, 24,504/34,142 (71.77%) lines edited (Edit +4.81%)
Taimanin Yukikaze 2 – Yukikaze route patch released
Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu – 100% translated, 2nd pass 1490/2265 (+100 2nd pass)
Yosuga no Sora – Translation finished, editing and TLC ongoing


Steam Prison: Fin RouteReleased
Rance 01 + 02 – October 29th release
Ciconia – Phase 1 Released
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc – Picked up
Shiei no Sona-Nyl – 100% translated and edited, Refrain content 100% translated (+8%)
Rance Quest – Out of Beta
Rance IX – 100% translated
Rance X – 28% translated
Luckydog1 – Picked up
Fxxx Me Royally – Out of Beta
Uchi no Kanojo – 100% translated and edited, image editing finished
Trinoline Genesis – 100% translated and edited (Edit +40%)
Musicus! – In Programming
Jeanne at the Clock Tower – Fully translated and edited, about to enter Beta
Secret Project 3 – Out of Beta
Secret Project 4 – 100% translated and edited
Secret Project 6 – 68% translated and 67% edited (+4% / +5%)
Secret Project 7 – 100% translated and edited (Edit +12%)


SaDistic BlooD – October 21st release
Flowers – Title 3 released
Majikoi – “Suffering some unforeseen delays”, in QA and preparing Steam release
Sumaga- Upcoming release
Katahane – Upcoming release
Josou Sanmyaku – 87% translated, 85% edited
Django – Waiting on translation.
Machine Child – Announced
Dramatical Murder – Picked up
Lamento Beyond the Void – picked up
Slow Damage – Picked up
Eiyuu*Senki GOLD – 100% translated
Yamizome Revenger – 50% translated
Mamono Musume-tachi to no Rakuen ~Slime & Scylla~ – Picked up

Âge titles with various publishers

Muv-Luv Unlimited – The Day After – 2020 release
Schwarzesmarken – Through Greenlight
Kiminozo – Picked up

Spike Chunsoft

Robotics;Notes EliteReleased
Robotics;Notes DaSHReleased


Sharin no Kuni – Debugging of the game engine ongoing, to be followed by beta testing


Nekopara Vol 4 – In QA, November 26th release
The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister- – “Planning release”, appears to have been rejected by Steam
Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow – “More programming”
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist – Fully localized, in engine work
Re;Lord Volume 2 – 100% translated+edited, awaiting engine work by the developer
Harumade Kururu – Awaiting engine work, 2020 release
Rewrite+ – Overall 55% translated and 44% edited, January 2021 estimated release
Love Duction – 100% translated and edited, engine work in progress
Hoshizora no Memoria (retranslation) – In QA, going to update existing release to HD version
Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart – 60% translated
Island Diary – 100% translated and edited, waiting on QA build
Creature to Koi Shiyo!! for Otome – Waiting on a third party
Miko no Kanata – 100% translated and edited, awaiting engine work
Memory’s Dogma – Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
Tenshin Ranman – QA and engine work next, in “icebox”
NarKarma EngineA – Announced
Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. – 50% translated
Sumire – Picked up
I Walk Among Zombies Volume 3 – Awaiting engine work
I Walk Among Zombies Volume 0 – Awaiting engine work
Sanarara R – 100% translated, 25% edited
Amatsutsumi – Translation and editing in progess
KoiKuma Fan Disc – Waiting on approval
Love’s Sweet Garnish 2 – 100% translated, waiting on editing, 2020 release
Kanojo no Seiiki – Picked up
Glass – Picked up
New Glass – Picked up
Amairo Chocolate – 100% translated and edited
Kimagure Temptation – 100% translated
Slobbish Dragon Princess – 90% translated
9-nine- Episode 4 – 50% translated, 30% edited
Karakara 3 – In Development
Secret Project 7 – 100% translated
Secret Project 9 – listed

Sol Press/Panty Press

Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki – “Currently restaffing”
Nukitashi – 100% translated, 45% edited
Himawari to Koi no Kioku – “Currently restaffing”
Irotoridori no Sekai – 100% translated and edited, waiting on QA build
Witch’s Garden – “Acquiring staff”
Happiness! 2 Sakura Celebration – 100% translated and edited, waiting on QA build
Hyper->Highspeed->Genius – “Acquiring staff”


Hello Lady – Main game 100% translated, edited, and TLC, 50% QC, engine work being done by developer
Dracu Riot – 100% translated and edited, engine porting starting shortly
Riddle Joker – 100% translated and edited, 55% QC
Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche – 95% translated and 70% edited, being ported to Unity
Clover Days – 100% translated and TLC, 15% edited
Aokana Extra1 – November 6th release date on Steam page
Fureraba Complete edition – Vita exclusive content to be added to Fureraba a couple months after the fandisc release
Melty Moment – 40% translated and TLC
Making*Lovers: Geki Icha After Story – “we plan to translate the Fandisc as well”
Secret Project #1 – 50% translated and 50% TLC
Secret Project #2 – 25% translated and 25% TLC


Abaddon: Princess of the Decay – Localization at “40% to 50%”, 2020 release


Gensou Kissa Enchante – November 13th release


The Humbling of a Holy Maiden – 100% translated, 50% through programming
Chinkamo Twins! – 100% translated and edited


My Yandere Sister Loves Me Too Much – Released
Iwaihime – October 23rd release
MariAlbum – Kickstarter funded
Misshitsu no Sacrifice – December 17th release
Jiangshi x Taoshi – Episodes 1-2 released, episode 3 upcoming
Evenicle 2 – Demo released
Wanko no Yomeiri – Upcoming release
Taimanin Asagi – Page for the Trial of episode 1 back on Steam
Venus Blood Hollow – Kickstarted finished, December 2021 release listed
Fault – Silence the Pedant – Demo released
Fault Milestone 2 – Side Below – Spring 2021

The Zakabox

「I added Misshitsu no Sacrifice (Abyss of the Sacrifice) to the list last week but didn’t really talk about it. From a semi-cursory glance at egs and the official website, it looks to be an escape-the-room thriller à la zero escape with puzzle gameplay. Originally a PSP game, it’s coming to Steam in a CN/EN/JP PC release on 17 December, and it’s looking like the company is aiming for an upgraded remake. The website promises improved graphics, but also mentions a hint system — since several reviews on EGS mention high difficulty practically necessitating a walkthrough as a negative, this might be a good change.

Robotics;Notes Elite and DaSH may or may not be good. I never really got hooked on the sci;adv franchise and I’m not sure if they’ll ever top S;G, plus every localization bar maybe S;G (though I played the “fantl” leak so lol) has been very meh which puts it on my eternal JOP backlog instead. I have a vague memory of hearing the Elite version fixed a lot of issues with R;N vanilla edition (quite unlike S;G elite, which instead was… a bizarre cashgrab? inexplicable? whatever), which apparently was bad or something. Ah well.

Sadistic blood is the gore nukige you’re getting because people aren’t licensing mindead blood. Have fun and hope the gore looks good uncensored, because wow you can’t see anything under those mosaics. That said black cyc is a partner that is sure to interest people of certain tastes; gore screaming show is an interesting non-nukige that may be a future possibility (but maybe we need to wait on some remake or w/e to come out first).

I don’t know anything about Steam Prison but the Fin Route DLC adds a route to I guess. t. failed otomege shill

I broke the official declaration of Akagoei’s death thanks to my #connections, but I guess the translator had a change of heart. It really is bizarre how akabei memed him. Anyway it extremely requires that retranslation you’re seeing. It might take a while, but it’ll be fairly good quality I think. Though the polish is definitely going to be down to an editor. But it’s at least good enough to have potential under those conditions, which God knows is rare in fan tl…

Oh, and hey, sona-nyl is finally done. Maybe you’ll even have it next year. Maybe :)」


Writer of irreverent VNTS commentaries, shadowy Fuwanovel string puller, Swedish, ambivalent toward meatballs. Brave Fuwanovel Skype Group memeber (rip), technically a reviewer, chronic everything staller. I am all these things and more, but mostly I'm really lazy. Loves yuri, reading, chocolate, and quality sugar-free colas. Hates VNs with too many choices and long walks on the beach.

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3 years ago

hey Zaka. 1/108888 is still a progress.. its just its still faster than A4 translation
also.. (-100% KEKW) it is the 2nd time that happen to a vn translation???
also thanks for the vnts

Reply to  Zakamutt
3 years ago


3 years ago

This week VNTS Review from mine below.

No much to say other than Robotic Notes Elite is different from Steins Gate Elite in that the latter is likely targeted towards anime fan who like to play Steins Gate with anime graphic, and that I’m more or less said whatever in regard of Akagoei translation. I hope that you’ll enjoy my VNTS review for this week as usual.

3 years ago

nice, thanks for he VNTS update