Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Kickstarter is Live

Written by Decay

Sekai Project launched their Kickstarter project for Root Double this Tuesday. Root Double is another survival/mystery thriller from the director of Ever17. Several people are trapped in a research facility after a nuclear reactor meltdown, and must survive for nine hours, but this kind of thing is never as simple as it seems, is it? It is highly rated both in Japan and on VNDB. Lemnisca, the translators behind I/O, Killer Queen, and Never7, are going to be handling the translation here as well. I’m pretty excited for all of this. The team at Lemnisca is really talented and deserve the recognition and pay, and Root Double looks like a really cool story.

Sekai Project are asking for $135,000 to make this happen. Stretch goals reach to $180,000 for a fanbook, $250,000 for a 6-episode Drama CD based on an in-game magical girl anime, and  $300,000 for the translation of the audio dramas “Before Days” and “After Crime.” The first two days have unfortunately been on the slow side of things, but there’s still a long ways to go on this one. Check out the Kickstarter below!

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  • Not sure if almost 25 % can be considered that slow for 2 days, but thanks for highlighting this. It will be a good year for Escape/Trapped/Denpa VNs in the west !

  • Can anyone give a link where I can find out more about the Root Double game itself (no spoilers, if possible)? They give so very little information in the Kickstarter itself and vndb doesn’t give much either. I loved Ever 17 and I’ve always been interested in Enneagrams, but I want to know more before I back it.

    • What more do you want to know besides the story and character details presented in the Kickstarter and on VNDB? I think the information presented is good enough without giving away spoilers.

      But well, you could scroll through the Animesuki thread on Root Double to gather some more background info (there are some scene spoilers though, so be careful):

      And if it better convinces you to support, I’ve read Root Double and I can say that in my opinion, it’s overall better than Ever17.

  • Right now I’m just hoping Libra & this one makes it, would love more Englsh games like this. ‘Crossing my fingers’, since I can’t help much because I’m broke. 🙁

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