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A Look at the Biggest Visual Novels of 2016

2015 was a pretty good year for visual novels. There was a little bit of something for everyone, starting the year with a romance story in eden*, and closing out the year with a killer steampunk/fantasy title in Gahkthun, with everything in between. But it was also a year characterized by delays. If there’s one good thing about these delays, it’s that 2016 is going to be kind of insane! After a bit of a lull in January, we’re going to be getting big title after big title. Let’s take a look at the English releases we consider noteworthy in some way, both fan translated and official!

Everything in the following lists we believe has a reasonable chance of coming out this year. If there’s any amount of uncertainty, we’ll say so. In actuality, the large majority of these are almost certain to be released this year. But as we’ve learned from last year, delays can and will happen. Especially for the fan translations, unexpected circumstances can slow down or stall progress entirely, so set your expectations accordingly. Titles that I am personally most excited for are going to be bolded.

The general catch-all label for low-concept character-focused games with heavy romance elements. Can include moe comedy, heavy drama, and other similar titles.

  • Ao no Kanata no Four Rhythm – A story set in a world where flying with crazy sci-fi shoes has become a sport, made by the creators of Koichoco. Translation is nearly finished and QC will follow. (project page)
  • AstralAir no Shiroki Towa – From the makers of Hoshizora no Memoria, this one sounds even more fantastical by comparison. Raw translation is nearly two-thirds done and at their current rate will be done in around six to nine months. (project page)
  • BokuTen – Why I Became An Angel – Overdrive, popular for Kira Kira and Deardrops, drops most of the musical elements for this one and aims to give us a more somber story. MangaGamer is releasing it, and it’s currently 73% translated.
  • Chrono Clock – The protagonist acquires a watch that allows him to turn back time five minutes, but is only interested in having fun with it. Purple Software’s first game to be translated, licensed by Sekai Project.
  • Da Capo III – The biggest Da Capo game yet, and by all accounts, the best. I don’t know how much faith I have in its 2016 release, but MangaGamer is saying it’ll happen, and the translator set a personal goal to finish translation by AX in July.
  • Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- – Innocent Grey, previously known for their grisly murder mysteries, produced this all-ages yuri romance/mystery story to surprisingly good results. Licensed by JAST, it’s currently in editing. (official page)
  • Grisaia SequelsThe Labyrinth and The Eden of Grisaia, sequels to the insanely popular Fruit of Grisaia/Grisaia no Kajitsu, should both be coming out this year. Although after some production delays with Labyrinth, Eden could be cutting it close, so don’t be surprised if that slips to 2017. (Kickstarter page)
  • Harmonia – Key’s latest kinetic novel, in the same vein as Planetarian. Currently unreleased in either Japanese or English, this will be their first simultaneous release, and is scheduled for Spring. (Steam page)
  • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien – AKA Rumbling Hearts, a complex and emotional romance story from the creators of Muv-Luv, it’s regarded as a classic. This one won’t be ready until late in the year, if it makes it. (project page)
  • Kindred Spirits on the Roof – Liar-soft’s comedy Yuri title was licensed by MangaGamer last year. Two lesbian ghosts fall in love and decide to turn the school they attended into a “yuritopia.” Is currently fully translated and edited. (official page)
  • Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki – The most popular guy in school wants nothing to do with love, and neither do any of his female friends. Somehow they all fall in love with him anyways, including a shinigami. Yep. Translation and two editing passes are already completed, and the final pass should be finished in a month or two. (project page)
  • Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete (retranslation) – AKA If My Heart Had Wings. It has become hugely popular in the west despite the shit translation. Because the translation is shit, several members of Fuwanovel are retranslating it and their work is almost done, rejoice! (Fuwanovel thread)
  • Little Busters! Perfect Edition – The hugely popular Key nakige is getting its ultimate, most featureful version released this year by Fruitbat Factory, with three new routes and lots of new common route content. But no porn.
  • Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1 – The Majikoi A games are basically a series of fandiscs with three selectable stories in each one, each being the length of a character route. A-1 features Sayaka (Yukie’s sister), Azumi, and Benkei, and is 64% translated. (project page)
  • Narcissu 10th Anniversary Project – Headlined by Narcissu 3, this will be a collection featuring the entire Narcissu series, with some previously untranslated works, some previously translated but remade works, and some entirely new works. Freshly Kickstarted by Sekai Project, the release is estimated for April. (Kickstarter page)
  • Neko Para Vol. 2 – Everyone’s favorite kittens are back! … Yay? Well, lots of people seemed to like the first one. The sequel is coming out February 20th.
  • Princess Evangile W Happiness – The fandisc to the very popular moege Princess Evangile, with several new routes and side stories featuring the original heroines. No progress has yet to be reported by MangaGamer but they say it’s releasing this year.
  • Rewrite Harvest festa! – Rewrite’s fandisc, featuring a series of light-hearted side-stories for all of the heroines as well as an RPG minigame. Progress has been a little slow but it’s already about 80% done. (project page)
  • Tenshin Ranman – Lucky or Unlucky!? – From the creators of Noble Works and Dracu-Riot, it’s another light-hearted comedy moege. Sekai Project announced the license last year, they haven’t given us any progress reports but a release this year seems likely.
  • Wagamama High Spec – A high-school author of perverted manga is discovered by the (female, obviously) student council president, who blackmails him into joining. Moege ensues. Sekai Project licensed this, and is currently slated for Spring 2016. (official page)

Story-heavy VNs:
Features high-concept storylines that are driven by but not dominated by its characters. May feature romance as a side element.

  • Corpse Party (PC) – What should be the most complete version of Corpse Party, the hit horror VN, releasing on Steam by XSEED. It’s been long delayed but it should finally be coming out “soon.” (XSEED forums thread)
  • Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient (Ch.1) – Same horror goodness, featuring a new cast of characters. A translation of Chapter 1 was released last year, but a more polished version is also being worked on. (project page)
  • Fault -Milestone Two- Side:Below – This doujin “fantasy science” adventure series that has gained some popularity and has accrued good ratings on VNDB. Licensed by Sekai Project.
  • Himawari – This sci-fi doujin story took Japan by storm, and is very highly rated. Licensed by Mangagamer, it’s fully translated and edited, and is in the programming stage. (official site)
  • The House in Fata Morgana – Another highly rated horror VN, has a cool gothic art style. Licensed by MangaGamer, translation is at 95%. (official-ish page)
  • Koiken Otome – A chuuni-action/moege hybrid, cute girls with swords do things. “Story-heavy” might be a stretch, it’s somewhere in the middle. All of the numbers on the translator’s site are really high, so how could this NOT come out this year? (project page)
  • Libra of the Vampire Princess – Another chuuni-action/moege hybrid, cute vampires and nuns go to school and swing swords at each other or something. If the Kickstarter is successful, the English release is tentatively planned for 2016. It’s currently at 62%, help ’em out! (Kickstarter page)
  • Muv-Luv Trilogy – Okay, these are already available in english, but they’re now getting official commercial releases courtesy of Degica. The rough fan translation should hopefully be getting the polish these games deserve. Muv-Luv (Extra and Unlimited) should release this spring. (Kickstarter page)
  • Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- – From the director of Ever17, 9 people are trapped in a research facility and must survive the effects of a nuclear meltdown for 9 hours. Sounds vaguely familiar. People love this game. Supposedly coming out this March, that’s soon! Sekai Project and Lemnisca are putting this out. (Kickstarter page – Now live!)
  • Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ – Considered among their favorites by many, this surreal and apocalyptic high school drama was recently announced to get an official English release from the original developers and TLWiki. The script is said to already be ready, so it hopefully won’t take much longer. (old project page)
  • Sumaga – The next Nitro+ title to be released in English, the protagonist wakes up to find himself falling in a strange world. Was supposed to be released last summer but that didn’t happen. JAST says the translation is done and it’s in editing.
  • Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- – Magical anime Scooby Doo. Run around solving the school’s mysteries with the help of kawaii magic users. The translation project seems to have been frozen in the QC stage, with translation and editing already completed. Since it’s so close I’m putting it on this list, but be wary because the project currently seems stuck. (project page)
  • Tokyo Babel – Heaven and Hell are jacked up, entire worlds are dying, and everyone’s stuck in purgatory. Doesn’t sound like a good time, but it might be fun to read about it! Fully translated and in editing, licensed by MangaGamer. (official page)
  • Zero Time Dilemma – AKA Zero Escape 3, the next game by the creator of 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward, expect the same style of desperate survival situations with crazy plot twists. May actually release in English first, Aksys is giving a vague 2016 release date currently. Only for 3DS and Vita.
Root Double
Root Double

Gameplay VNs:
These are RPGs, strategy games, dating sims, and so on, all containing heavy VN-like elements.

  • Beat Blades Haruka – A sex-heavy RPG/raising-sim featuring modern-day kunoichi, and Alice Soft’s first official release in the west. Translation and editing are finished and testing is underway, MangaGamer wants to release this ASAP. (official page – NSFW)
  • Bunny Black 2 – The second in this dungeon crawling series, the first was fairly popular among fans of dungeon-crawling VNs. Translation is progressing along rapidly, with a beta patch already released. (project thread)
  • Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- – Sequel to Aselia the Eternal, this is another strategy RPG featuring the clashing of the real and fantasy worlds. Translation finished ages ago and apparently JAST is in the final prep stages. They have been for like a year. Any moment now…

Otome and BL:
And now, a little something for the ladies (and certain men). Note: I honestly don’t pay much attention to these so I’m just winging it here.

  • Black Wolves Saga – Rejet’s popular political fantasy otome game. Translation and editing is already done and there’s just a little bit of TLC left. (project page)
  • Brothers Conflict – There are a whole lot of brothers. Like, a whole lot. A girl randomly gets thrown into the mix and chaos ensues. The “Passion Pink” version is currently 100% translated. (project page)
  • Ken ga Kimi – Another popular Rejet otome title, a supernatural tale taking place in Japan’s edo period. Translation and editing are nearly done. (project page)
  • OZMAFIA!! – MangaGamer’s first otome translation, a girl is thrown into a strange land and ends up under the protection of a mafia family. Translation is nearly finished at 92%.
  • Sweet Pool – From the makers of Dramatical Murder, another popular Nitro+Chiral BL game. Translation, TLC, proofreading is all finished, so it should hopefully not take long. (project thread – registration required)

Standing for “Original English Language Visual Novel,” for our purposes, this category will contain pretty much any VN that originates in the west. Note: See previous note.

  • Exogenesis – Perils of Rebirth – A post-apocalyptic adventure/VN hybrid that’s shooting for the moon. Was Kickstarted in 2014 and blew past their December 2014 estimate. Well, it’s now 2016, so… If you hear it from them, they’re now progressing along smoothly, if that continues, a release this year is probable. (official site)
  • Highway Blossoms – A short yuri romance title featuring a traveling vagabond and a hitchhiker in the American Southwest. (official site)
  • The Human Reignition Project – This kickstarted project is a somewhat lengthy (for OELVNs) science-fiction tale with romance and several branching routes. The estimated release date was December 2016, but Kickstarter projects are prone to delays. (official site)
  • Ladykiller in a Bind – An erotically charged cross-dressing adventure from the mind behind Digital: A Love Story and Analogue: A Hate Story. I found the super short teaser to be pretty entertaining. Releasing in “Early 2016.” (official siteNSFW)
  • Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll – A high-school drama presumably featuring plenty of music, love, and money, from the head writer behind Everlasting Summer. Has great art for an OELVN and multiple heroine routes. Nothing is known about the release beyond a vague 2016 estimate. (official site)
  • No One But You – One of the longest, most traditional bishoujo-style OELVNs since Katawa Shoujo. And it’s coming out later this month! January 19th, to be specific. (official site)
  • Sunrider: Liberation Day – Space-themed strategy game, girls, and not-quite-18+ erotic scenes. Not gonna lie, these games confuse me a little. VNDB says the first game isn’t finished yet but there’s already a dating sim spinoff and now there’s this sequel? I dunno *shrug*. (official site)


RyechuRyechu’s Nukige Corner
Many of you know may know Ryechu as the Fuwareviews boss. A few of you particularly naughty boys and girls may be familiar with his “Ryechu’s Nukige Corner” series of nukige reviews. As Fuwanovel’s foremost authority on all things anime porn, he’s here to share with us his profound expertise, giving us his thoughts on 2016’s nukige releases. [consider all links NSFW]

2015 was quite the year for nukige releases. On the Japanese front, the latest installment of the Sono Hanabira series released at the end of the year, and it is gorgeous. You also had a “touching simulator” that sparked a LOT of controversy (and decent discussion, on sites that allowed it) that was released by Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou. On the English front, we saw lots of great titles. From flagship titles like Euphoria and Starless to translations of lesser known titles like Ona-Ken!, Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama! (which still needs editing, but is pretty damn good), Lilium x Triangle (which Fuwanovel members Nosebleed, rainsismyfav (SPELLING?), and I worked on!), and Bacchikoi. There was something to scratch every niche itch out there. 2015 will definitely be hard to top.

2016 does have some promising titles already in production. Beat Blades Haruka, created by Alicesoft (of Rance fame), translated by Arunaru, and assumedly releasing sometime in the near future (the game is in beta testing according to their site), is a fantastic title that has what appears to be over hundred H-Scenes. Also on the Mangagamer front is Kuroinu, which also caters to a LOT of fetishes. Produced by Liquid, a company well-known for their nukige releases (some of which have seen English releases), this title shows a lot of promise, but the translation has been on the slow side, so we may not see this until late 2016, or maybe even 2017, unless progress significantly picks up. Similarly, JAST is still working on Bitch na Ichinichi. This title looks interesting, but with JAST’s hectic release schedule, and often the quality of their releases as well, I’m not going to hold my breath just yet.

Unfortunately the Rance stuff has been halted due the MG-Alicesoft agreement, so Rance fans may have to wait a bit before anything from that camp comes out. Also halted were the SonoHana projects in hopes that they will continued to be picked up. I’m looking forward to Washi TL’s Fan-TL of Hoka no Onna no Ko to H wo Shiteiru Ore wo Mite Koufun Suru Kanojo, since the world always need a bit more NTR. I’m also looking forward to getting to work on Immoral Little with Nosebleed, but I know he’s been busy lately, so I’ll be patient!

Beat Blades Haruka
Beat Blades Haruka

Clephas’ Top 10 most anticipated Japanese releases of 2016
Clephas is perhaps Fuwanovels most avid reader of Japanese-language VNs, voraciously consuming almost every genre. When he’s not reading, he’s sharing his thoughts on most everything he plays in his Fuwanovel blog. We asked him which ten Japanese release he’s most looking forward to.

  • Koi Suru Otome to Shugo no Tate ~Bara no Seibo~ – It is the sequel to the original Shugo no Tate, coming back with the same protagonist and a new set of heroines. Based on my experiences with the original, it will be worth playing.
  • Hataraku Otona no Ren’ai Jijou – It looks to be a pure love story between more adult characters written by the same guy who did Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu.  I find it interesting because very few non-nukige in today’s world bother with non-teenagers.
  • Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya o Mezasu – This might or might not be good, but I’m going to play it anyway. At the very least, it will be interesting to see what Minato Soft (Majikoi dev) does with a non-ero title on the PC. [ed. note: It’s also written by Tanaka Romeo of Cross Channel, Rewrite, and Jintai fame!]
  • Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence – A new VN by the writer of Koi no Canvas. I’m going to hope that they figured out their screwups with their more recent games and actually let him do what he wants with it, rather than forcing him into their preferences.
  • Tayutama 2 – Despite myself, I can’t help but be tempted by a direct sequel to the original, especially since Tayutama is one of only a few VNs I’ve seen that did an immortal heroine route in a satisfactory manner.
  • Sankai Ou no Yubiwa – Eushully’s newest game. Though it isn’t a new Ikusa Megami game, it is based in the same universe and I’m interested to see whether it will be another Kamidori (low quality but better than the average gameplay VN) or another Ikusa Megami Zero (unbelievably high quality both as a VN and as a game).
  • Akeiro Kaikitan – This apparently shares characters with Nanairo Reincarnation, as well as the basic staff. Thus, I have hopes for another kamige, almost despite myself.
  • Tokyo Necro – This VN looks interesting. However, more important is the fact that the old Nitroplus team (Muramasa, Jingai Makyou, etc) is coming back to life, maybe making it possible we won’t have to endure anymore Sumaga derivatives.
  • Kadenz Fermata//Akkord:Fortissimo – Despite myself, I can’t help but look forward to this, though I don’t believe in chuuni VN sequels.
  • Chuuni Hime no Teikoku – I am hoping for a repeat of the hilarious experience of Chuuning Lover.

Whew! What I thought would just be a quick one or two hour project turned into something much bigger. I hope you appreciate this preview, and perhaps found something new in the process. Keep in mind that these were the titles that I found noteworthy, there may be some I omitted that you would enjoy. Check out this list to see all currently unreleased but planned english translations, and this list for commercial OELVNs. Couldn’t fit ’em all, though! Shout outs to Ryechu and Clephas for contributing to the article, to Zakamutt for his helpful corrections, and to Tay for making the header image.

NOTE: Just prior to this article’s publication, otome translation group Golden Spirit has unfortunately been issued a cease and desist order for their translation of the Starry Sky series, and have also placed their other two translations, Black Wolves Saga and Ken ga Kimi, on “semi-hiatus.” These latter two titles have made our list, and we will keep them on it as it seems like the group may return to them at some point. We wish Golden Spirit the best in their endeavors.


Hello, I'm Decay, an avid fan of visual novels and a regular poster on Fuwanovel. Also, I now review and write about VNs officially for Fuwanovel? Yeah, that started happening at some point. You may also see me on VNDB as dk382.

Comments (33)

  • Avatar photo


    January 5, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Chuuni Hime…I was pretty hyped for it at first, but after its multiple delays and lack of info (their site is not updated, and their Twitter has been dead from Oct), I just decided to throw it in straight into the trash bin.

  • Avatar photo


    January 5, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Good list Decay, and actually it was quite interesting to see some of almost released VN. Although some of them may not released in the end of 2016, let me try to comment some (Also I’ll choose which VN here that I’ll make the thread in the forum later, and of course my comment will cover some of seiyuu for the main heroine). Looks like it’ll be long comment, so here goes:

    1. Aokana, although not 100% certain for release – I think the girls sport cloth looks like magical girl cloth lol. For main heroine seiyuu, except Chisato look alike(Asuka) seiyuu – Fukuen Misato, none of them had impressive role in VN or anime yet, unlike Koichoco when we got name like Asakawa Yuu or Mizuhashi Kaori. Of course VN quality not only depend on seiyuu, but also how the story executed. Let’s see it later.

    2. Astral Air – Even if Chuee force himself to translated 1000 line/week, it’ll still be a while I think. For the impression, some people didn’t like it because the story isn’t good or something like that while for the seiyuu for all of the heroine I think all of them still had quite short list for VN character (And most importantly the VN that had their character still not translated yet), although from side character we’ve got the veteran Kawashima Rino. I think I’ll make the thread for this VN in future. Oh the opening for this VN actually quite nice I think with snow effect.

    3. Da Capo 3 – I still remember how Aaeru back when this site still called Visual Novel Aer make a translation based on machine translation, and it cause a little uproar back at erogames forum before Mangagamer took over the project (Actually it’s logical outcome since Mangagamer hold the license from Circus, Da Capo company). From the story I think it’s continuation of Da Capo 2 and for the seiyuu I couldn’t comment since all of them was quite new according to VNDB.

    4. Flower and Seinarukana – One sentence “I’ll not believe JAST until they’ve released it for real”. Well, back in 2015 these 2 gems release was cancelled because JAST need to take care of the stupid buggy engine that came from Shiny Days, which prove us that Overflow company obviously need good programmer to take care of the games or just make it more light, or just stop exploiting School Days universe all together. Sorry want to express my opinion a bit, but it’s a shame that those 2 not released last year, especially Seinarukana which I’ve been waiting since 2012.

    5. Konosora – Well, I could understand a little bit of machine translated of Eushully games from Nekohen, and the review of Konosora was said that they could still understand the story, so no problem for me (For now at least) but it’s still nice that they want to improve the translation imo. If the patch released, I want MeruP apply the completed retranslation patch to his patch that allow us to patch original game.

    6. Chrono Clock – Looks like a normal moege to me, but from main heroine cast we’ve got some people who actually experienced seiyuu, and one of them was Kawashima Rino as the Goddess of Time. Let’s see if Sekai managed to released it this year.

    7. SakuSaku – Not much comment since I’ve made a thread for this VN. Once again hopefully it could be finished soon.

    8. Corpse Party – So we’ll have PC version. My question is will they include the voice from PSP or not. I knew that was stupid question, but hopefully this version also had the voice. Oh this VN actually silvachief from Geek Clinic favorite, but it’s limited to PSP. So with the release for PC, it mean that we going to get 1 more horror VN for PC. Let’s see it later. For the seiyuu, they actually include famous name like Miyuki Sawashiro and Yuichi Nakamura.

    9. Fault – Joking comment, I like Selphine outfit after she changing the cloth for now. Serious comment, how much fault games we must waiting for the finale by the way? Is it 8 like Higurashi or Umineko, or only 4 like Rose Gun Days? Either way looking forward to it.

    10. Himawari – Looks interesting, although I could only judged it from the OP that was singing by euphonius and the famous seiyuu who voiced the heroine lol. Anyway, looks like if they released it for steam hopefully it could make them realize there was many good sci-fi vn. And from the review, I remember that garejel quite enjoyed the VN. As for the seiyuu, we had Ai Nonaka, Yukari Tamura, and Ayako Kawasumi. I’ll make the thread about this VN in future.

    11. Root Double – I will definitely open the discussion for this VN, and for prerelease, back in Animesuki forum, our Lemnisca head GundamAce give many valuable info and review for this VN. And he was happy when he saw that PC release was faster than he expected. I saw those back at 2012, and the OP was sound awesome. Anyway, this VN was Nakazawa 3rd solo project after Remember11 and I/O and by solo I mean after he separated from Uchikoshi. Well, looking forward to it very much, although maybe the reader here didn’t agree with GundamAce though. For the seiyuu, actually they’ve got some recognizable role, but for this VN I’ll comment it on the thread later. I’ve read that some people wish the kickstarter for this VN failed. Although I was neutral in kickstarter controversy, I’ve said there was much more VN that was worth as sacrifice for Sekai failure, such as Magical Boy BL VN, which to be honest even if I had USD 100.000 I will not support it no matter what. And to be honest BL was already niche, and add with Magical Boy premise and you got very small niche.

    12. Subahibi – Since all of the active project in TL Wiki was either already going official or almost had no progress, could we said that the was as good as useless lol. Anyway, even if it’s good if they really want to release it in English, I think since the one who tweeted that was moogy, I think we’ll better very cautious for the prospect. Oh speaking about disturbing content, I’d skipped some VN and did find out that the yaoi is not that disturbing, and bestiality was only a flashback and very brief. At least for me. Oh for the seiyuu we’ve got Kawashima Rino as Yuki (Our MC), at least from what I’ve remember now.

    13. Beat Blade Haruka – I’d still remember back in June last year I suspect arunaru suspend Rance VI project because of Mangagamer, and he finally admitted it in one of his post. Anyway, actually he could keep his standard pace of translation for Haruka, and apparently Mangagamer almost ready to release it. I’ll open the thread for this VN in the future, and for the seiyuu we’ve got Kawashima Rino (How many role she had in translated VN? Seriously, she almost anywhere in any VN) and Ringorin as the heroine. Doddler also describe this game as nukige, although I think it’s usual Alice Soft deal. Looking forward to this nukige in any chance. One more thing, actually aroduc review this game, and I’ll bring the link to the review later.

    14. Yuri Ghosts on the Rooftop – Since it was Liar-Soft, I think the format would be ‘Yuri Couple of the Chapter’. For the MC, actually she was remind one VNDB user as Yuki from Subahibi (And funny enough same voice).

    For the rest, I couldn’t give my comment too much. For the thread I’ll opening it will be Himawari, AstralAir, Root Double, and Haruka. It means that those 4 catch my attention for now.
    That’s all from me and sorry for wall of text here.

      • Avatar photo


        January 9, 2016 at 10:24 am

        Thank mod. Actually I’d realize my mistake after I posted my thought. Too bad I can’t fix it. Once again thanks to fix my post. I think I’ll also reply the post below.

        @Giro Okay, I just read some spoiler and watch the OP of Da Capo 3. From the review, they said it’ll better than Da Capo 2, but looks like the anime only following generic harem formula, at least for now. I don’t know if there will be 2nd season of Da Capo 3, but I think it should be, because the anime left very major arc from the game not adapted yet. Looking forward to it, although I kind of doubt it’ll release in July (Of course I want July release).

        @Chuee Thank for seiyuu info, although at that time I typed that I only check their VNDB list, and speaking of Love Live, at this moment I think it was the most talked anime at online. About your promise, I’ll looking forward to it, and by take a while I mean it’ll be around 5 months to be finished, which still very long wait to be finished. For the work, just do as could as possible, okay.

    • Avatar photo


      January 5, 2016 at 6:55 pm

      When I saw Dacapo 3 mentioned, I thought of Aaeru as well actually. Being a VN I’ll never read (since I don’t particularly care for the Dacapo series), I’ll probably always associate it with her. Hard to believe the drama around Mangagamer forcing her to quit her fanTL was three years ago. Well, she was correct about one thing. She probably would have completed the translation way faster than it took Mangagamer.

      • Avatar photo


        January 6, 2016 at 2:38 am

        -In regards to the Da Capo 3 Aaeru translation

        Fast? I don’t know. As a semi-editor on the project, the machine translation was real. Sorta. It was a complete mess to edit was never sure whether that bit in the beginning was an elevator or an escalator, my knowledge of Japanese (read: katakana) was good enough to tell it was written in Japanese differently from how it was being translated. And making the whole thing open to whoever to edit it caused quite the wars over shit like honorifics (in the background). Although I liked Aaeru’s rule on honorifics not being needed because most of the game takes place in England.

        As a side note: Da Capo 3 is massively different from other Da Capo games. It might be worth checking out. It ditches the modern slice of life, and turns it into a well built magic school slice of life. Different in most facets, but still kept that Da Capo spirit.

        I’m looking forward to things this year. But never date a JAST game, every time someone does JAST delays it another month. Rule 12 of the VN Reader’s Guide to the Novelverse. 😉

    • Avatar photo


      January 5, 2016 at 7:35 pm

      It’ll be done this year for sure. Regarding the VAs, most of them do anime too, so some of the ones with shorter lists you might recognize from some of the anime roles they’ve done (Yuuka’s VA being Honoka from Love Live, Ochiba’s VA being Miku from Idolmaster, Kotori’s being the red-head from Chu2, Rinne’s being Eila from Strike Witches, etc).

  • Avatar photo


    January 5, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    When VA-11 HALL-A gets released I’ll make a case for it to be listed on VNDB so well grounded you’ll have to put out your Bulbasaur to counter it.

  • Avatar photo


    January 6, 2016 at 1:52 am

    This Alternative Works translation group puzzles me. Degica and Age have expressed interest in an official release of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. How does Alternative Works’ effort fit into this?

    • Avatar photo


      January 6, 2016 at 2:45 am

      The weirdest part is that Degica has given them shoutouts and retweeted some stuff from Alternative Projects, and yet they continue to release free translations (Chronicles 2 was released during the KS campaign and they’re still releasing Schwarzesmarken LN translations). So… it seems Degica and Age just don’t care? Or maybe at some point they’ll announce the Kiminozo translation will be official (but Alternative Projects would have stopped releasing stuff then, right?). I don’t get it, either.

      • Avatar photo


        January 6, 2016 at 12:49 pm

        all i can say for now is that since the KS began, we’ve obtained permission to release our projects on a case-by-case basis. we’re not just working blindly in the hopes that we’ll get our stuff out before a c&d comes, or anything.

  • Avatar photo


    January 6, 2016 at 6:48 am

    In regards to Sunrider: Liberation Day, it is actually what is going to finish off the original game. It was originally planned to be released as an update, but the staff decided they wanted to basically amp up the production values and length, so they made it it’s own game.

  • Avatar photo


    January 6, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    so far i´m only hyped as very fuck for eushully´s Sankai Ou no Yubiwa, others will or wont surprise me positively, but its not like i´m literally gnawing my nails in utmost expectation of their releases.

    edit: adds aroducs sekrit project, on which he´s been working for quite awhile by now, for reason unknown to the list. pretty sure its sth involving gameplay, pretty sure its cool, pretty sure my pained eyes will be thankful for non having to decipher moonrunes on the tiny screen of my netbooks ^^

  • Avatar photo


    January 6, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    edit2: bunnyblack2´s translation is already finished & image editing etc remains. as for the secrit project, its planned to be announced in 6-8months, or before, depending on external factors. if i remember right, he started working on it shortly after bb1´s completion which might, or might not be an indication for its overall length.

    • Avatar photo


      January 6, 2016 at 6:12 pm

      Well, that progressed quickly.

      Regarding the secret project, I didn’t really want to put such a big unknown on the list. But it’s exciting to know that despite all of the VNs I’ve already mentioned, there’s unannounced stuff that will also release this year.

  • Avatar photo


    January 9, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Ouch my backlog hurts!

    …and it’s going to hurt even more this year, but growth is healthy nonetheless 🙂

    also, no mention for yet more releases from the Sakura Shits series? 😀

    • Avatar photo


      April 1, 2016 at 4:21 am

      You can see them if you hover your mouse over them, they are Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, Shiny Days, Clannad and Bunny Black 2.

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