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eden* Released on Steam and MangaGamer’s Website

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Last week, starting on Friday, January 30th, eden* was available for sale from MangaGamer. eden* is the latest game from Minori to be officially localized to English by MangaGamer, and can be purchased from both their store and Steam. The game comes in two versions, the “safe” or “all-ages” version named: eden*; and eden* PLUS + MOSAIC which is the adult version. The all-ages version is available on Steam and MangaGamer’s website, while the adult version is not available on Steam.

In addition to the release of eden*, it also happens to be the Minori and MangaGamer fundraiser for Supipara. The current goals are $100,000 and $200,000 for getting chapters 1 and 2 in English. The current running total is $34,525.36 at the time of writing this article. Additional information can be found on the MangaGamer Minori Fund-raising page. The games are also on sale for $10 off at the time of publishing and makes a great deal if you’re looking to pick up either version of eden*.

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