MangaGamer Survey Ends Tomorrow, 10 Eden* Keys Up For Grabs

Written by Zakamutt


VN localization company MangaGamer is giving out 10 Steam keys for their newly released short linear VN eden*. To enter the drawing, complete this survey and give them your email at the end.

Apart from info about your visual novel buying habits, you can also specify which of the companies MG is currently partnered with you want more titles from (up to 5 in total).

You can also freely pick three VNs you’d like to be localized irrespective of what company made them. If you want to make “effective” picks, remember that Nitro+ is partnered with JAST already, KEY is working with Sekai Project, Type-Moon is unlikely to happen, and that VNs from companies MangaGamer is already partnered with will be easier to get.

The Yuri Agenda demands that you pick Okujou no Yurirei-san. It’s by Liar-soft, a company MG is already partnered with! Koestl, translator of one of their titles, has mentioned it! What are you waiting for! …Ahem.

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  • The Fujoshi Agenda requires me to suggest looking at this post before requesting something BL-related, cause there are ideas here:
    I’m… not certain about the whole ‘licensing Clannad = Visual Arts is totally in with Sekai Project 4lyfe’ thing, but it’d just be safer, anyway.
    …I personally didn’t note any specifics and just wrote “More BL and otome games Pls!” But that’s a slightly bold approach…

  • Localizing anything from Eushully and the Cation dating sims from Hibiki Works would make them shit tons of money.

  • Voted for the upcoming PS3 remake of Higurashi, which includes all the question and answer arcs, new HD sprites and backgrounds, voice actors from the anime, etc. As a huge 07th Expansion fan I’ll be gravely disappointed if that gem never comes to the western market.
    My second vote went to Kud Wafter. The fantranslation is going nowhere. I just hope they don’t shy away from a game just because it has a loli heroine.

    • Wouldn’t that be in Sekai Project’s territory? The fact that Clannad had a fan translation patch available for a long time didn’t make them shy away from picking it up, so I’m hoping that Little Busters will get released too… After that, Kud Wafter! I really want to play that game… Maybe I’ll just read it with machine translations.

      • Sekai Project seems to be busy picking up titles that don’t interest me at all. I’ve been waiting for Kud Wafter for so long, I just hope someone picks it up. Little Busters Ex would be awesome too.

  • We need to get Both the Da Capo P.C. games translated, then maybe the other extra content…
    Mangagamer is just sitting on this stuff. It would be great if they brought both DC1 and DC2 to steam with the extra content, then release an adult only version on their site.

    • Man I would want that soooo bad…I’ve been playing the English Patched Da Capo 1 P.C. which translates half of the VN, so I get 2 of the new routes in English and the rest are in Japanese still.

      It’s really damn annoying, but it’s something I guess. Manga Gamer ordered a C&D for it so it never got fully finished and the patch itself kinda faded deep into the internet. It was a pain for me to get the patch and it took me a good 7-8 months before somebody uploaded it to me.

      Seriously…everything else Manga Gamer has done is ok with me. But purposely releasing Da Capo 1 and not Da Capo Plus Communication even though it was half finished was a real **** move.

      • Exactly, man! Don’t license a popular franchise if you don’t intend to finish the entire thing. It makes no sense to me.

        I’ve just been playing through both the games with machine translations, which is pretty terrible, but I’m getting the gist of everything. The P.C. versions of both games have a lot more content than the originals too, which make it a real shame. I don’t see why they didn’t just translate the P.C. versions to begin with (Economic constraints?). Either way, isn’t Da Capo one of their highest selling titles? I bet that translating and releasing Plus Situation on steam and Plus Communication on their website would give them quite a few sales. So, you get that MangaGamer? Where’s my Plus Communication? D:

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