Custom Maid 3D now supports Oculus Rift! — Virtual Reality Eroge for Reals

^ what is that thing in the middle

The developers of this game called “Custom Maid 3D” [], has just released an alpha update patch “Ju-C Air VR Alpha 1.00”, that lets the user play their game through the Oculus Rift! [see] So now you can actually see the girls in virtual reality. Very impressive! Yes we all knew it had to be done, but it’s still cool to see it for reals.

You can get the patch here: 「Custom Maid3D with Ju-C AIR VR Alpha 1.00」 <— probably very early stage

There’s a readme file that the devs highly recommend you check out first. You might run into heavy bugs. Anyone who gets it working please take screenshots XD.

And here some screens they provided:
snap0001_20130722235205 snap0002 snap0005 snap0006 snap0008 snap0011 snap0012 snap0013

You can actually design your own girl in this game.
I found some more images where other users recreated anime charas:
a001_2 120428-11 201205101852279fb20120224044953

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