Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa wo Hirogete by Moenovel, a new eroge localization company

Untitled-1There is a company by the name of MoeNovel, that set up this home page to front the official localization of Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete! []  That is great news!

I am thinking moenovel is a subsidiary of Pulltop. Although I can’t be sure. There is already a Playasia page that says USD$35 (digital only I think). They even have an ESRB marker at the bottom right.Untitled-12 The English is a bit funny.  “It’s because I can’t fly, that I want to fly.” Seems too literal.

Untitled-13 “It’s because of the bond with my friends that I was able to change!” …okay.

Untitled-14 Spoiler girl. I can’t help but think that moenovel is derived from fuwanovel XD. Actually I use her as the logo for fuwan as well.

Untitled-17 Actually awesomecurry had already blogged this a day or two ago.

“Not only is it being localized by some no name company (feel free to correct me) who isn’t keen on trying to stand out, the translation sounds rather sketchy as well. Just go on the English official site and tell me these lines sound natural. Sounds like someone fixed up a machine translation in grammar-only, without trying to make the sentences flow naturally.

There’s also apparently no ero according to some /jp/ and /vg/ posters. If that is true, then I don’t see why they aren’t trying to market this more, since I’d assume that the objective of removing ero is to sell to a wider audience.” – awesomecurry

Still early days to judge since the site had only been up for a bit? I haven’t finished downloading the demo yet, so I can’t be sure. But what I will do is, I will find a way to dissect the lines to see if they’re accurate and also to gauge how well the English is written. I think there is still a market for people who just want raw translations.

Untitled-15 Character description panel for Kotori. Wheelchair girls are delicious.

Untitled-16 Ageha spoiler pic. The main protag is called Aoi, whom I named my dog after.

They even have a demo out: [] which is 644 MB. By the way, the English name is IF MY HEART HAD WINGS. Release date penned for Spring of 2013. So it’s within 2.75 months time, which is awfully soon. I’m still happy to see a game that may not have been translated, get a working english version. Anyways, we’ll see.
EDIT: btw if you’re set on buying the game already, consider preordering it now at the playasia page  to send a signal to the publishers. 

EDIT2: There was a forums thread already on this by sanahtlig with a poll

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  • I’d like to see a company take a chance on dark bishoujo localized gaming. Rapelay be damned, it takes more than media controversy to stop the willing!

  • I don’t get how they will pull this off…ESRB agreeing to an Eroge?! Impossible!….unless they remove the H scenes. I play Visual Novels for the story but I just hate the feeling of getting something that is…incomplete, if they remove the H scenes it feels like we’re missing out on something the developer originally placed in the game for the player to see. Just my opinion though…hope they are able to release this H scenes and all to the west. Course it would have to have an 18+ rating if they include the H.

    • Some of Jast early releases got ESRB ratings. They were AO of course, but they were still rated. This is getting a T rating though since H-scenes were removed.

      The ESRB does not refuse to rate titles, it just give it AO if it’s AO. More so they have no authority to ban anything, at worse stores may refuse to carry a title because of a rating (which most stores do with regards to AO rated titles)

    • -_- … ERSB : For T ….. Im So Sure They Remove All Of The H Sences .
      If The H Sences Is Removed That’s Mean This Game Is Not Complete … -_-
      The official translation took out the ero scenes, as well as some other explicit content and rewrote some stuff.. so it’s not an eroge anymore. -_- Im So Sad When I Read That ….

  • “Translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.” (Yevgeny Yevtushenko)

  • Removing the ero scenes because they want to target a wider market ? I don’t buy this argument, mainly because I wonder why they didn’t decide to release an 12+(?) AND an 18+ version in that case. That way the market would be even wider!

    But there’s still hope, because

    1. They could release an 18+ version some time later (when they see the normal version doesn’t sell too much anymore)
    [2. The VN is pretty popular. Maybe some group decides to translate the ero stuff and then releasing a “community ero patch”]

    I’m not too sure about the second point, because that would lead to an inconsistent translation AND (what’s much worse) it could (dependant of the sales numbers of the all-ages-version) prevent the company from releasing more games in the west when they realize what’s happening.

    Maybe we should be grateful they decided to do this in the first place (and I really AM), but the absence of the ero scenes (like someone pointed out it was originally there and the devs WANTED us to see it) is still a heavy downer for me.

  • Website IP Address showed this site located in Japan(Osaka, same as official pulltop site). Maybe this game was translated by Japanese company.

    Pulltop is quite open to the market outside Japan. Pulltop has licensed lots of their games to Taiwan company ”digi-future’ to publish Chinese version of their games.

  • Is there a chance that “no ero” means something like that “all age version” of Mangagamer release? If it’s something like that (it just remove the CG but keep the text), then I guess I’ll have no problem.

    Except if you’re playing for the ero.

  • I’m not familiar with the technical side of these games, but wouldn’t it be possible for a third party patch to add the ero stuff back in anyways?

  • If this is seriously an ALL-AGE VERSION it’s either I’m gonna pirate it or skipping it.

    Seriously, JAST USA does a better JOB. School Days HQ Anyone?

  • I actually really liked the demo. But knowing its censored in any way makes me feel like not buying the game.

    And thats not cool, because the retail price at Play-Asia is pretty acceptable. Should I buy it and then download a pirate copy without censure? lol

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