Kazoku Keikaku Gets a PS3 Port with Renewed Graphics

2d372ba5 (1)So this is like the Phantom of Inferno PS3 port except for Kazoku Keikaku. []
The original game released in 2001 has a 2009 English localization done by JAST which can be had for $22.46 from It’s supposed to be one of the classics, very highly rated on EGS (90 out of 100 from 3291 votes), but not so highly rated on VNDB. Release date for the PS3 version is 22nd August 2013. Cyberfront is one of those mainstay ‘consumer port’ companies alongside Alchemist.

Some Screenshots for Comparison:
ev027 dc6c8a43 c540ee9b ev032 ev046  534fe483 701def8a^ Looks really good now.

And screenshots from the original 2001 game:
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