New Childhood Pornography Laws May Restrict the Creation of Eroge with Characters That Appear Underaged!

ss (2013-04-30 at 11.13.36) (1) According to this page (and also, It looks like on the 26th of April, a new document has been released detailing the new child pornography laws. The kind of restrictions stated on this document is just scary. It says if you are in possession of, not just child pornography, but any clothed pictures or media of a child that is portrayed in such a way as to sexually arouse the viewer, MEANS the possessor will face either a maximum of one year in prison, or a 1,000,000 yen fine!

But the most problematic area of the document is that, in 3 years time, it says it promises to implement restrictions regarding the creation of erofictional works portraying characters that appear underaged!

EDIT: the way I understand 制作自粛 is, is it self-regulation in authored works?
Anime director taiki_nishimura says that any character that is obviously junior school kid, UP TO characters that are clad in SCHOOL UNIFORM (implying a school student), are going to be placed under scrutiny for ero-anime. It says starting from April, a number of ero-anime makers creating such works must refrain. For the time being, the industry is to self-regulate. Whatever that means. Basically anything that appears child-pornographic-like to an overseas buyer has to be self-regulated until it does not. So the ‘we look like middle school kids but we’re actually 18!’ trick, won’t work anymore, not in the coming years, not unless these rules are majorly scaled back. (by the way it only mentions ero-anime and ero-manga, but I assume ero-ge is also implied)

I couldn’t pick up the exact meaning of these sentences so if someone can correct them or point to a more accurate translation, then Please.
What I know is that the battle for freedom of expression rages on in Japan, as it has been raging for the past one/two decades, it’s very active from ever since I first learnt of it.

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  • well we will see, but I dont think they would kill whole eroge industry (high school girls in maybe 99%) and parts of ani culture with ero body pillows and all that.

    And if they do, there is still lot of those I didn’t play yet to last me tens of years, I guess I’d download those, even if not the best rated ones.
    Once on the internet – forever on the internet.

  • Go for it. The faster loli archetype will be banished the better. It’s one thing that usually they’re most annoying characters in whole story, but what is more important presenting sexual content with (fictional) person who is OBVIOUSLY underaged is just sick. And fuck those guys who jerk off to drawed kids having sex.

    • You dont really get anything do you ? i feel really bad for you, being so pitiful, not being able to appreciate loli’s, its fine being that way but criticizing others tastes just because you have a diferent opinion on the matter…

      OT: This is a terrible idea overall, it will limit the characters, new eroge might get boring cause of it or it might not sell as well as it could due to no lolis.

    • How dare people enjoy something you don’t. I agree fully, let’s ban it because it’s sick and I dislike it!

      You probably don’t understand what the purpose of anti-child porn laws is in the first place. Sadly, the idiots who made the law definitely don’t, when it’s clearly part of their job description.

    • While I do not advocate pedophilia and the like and while I agree that at times loli characters can be rather annoying (won’t mention any names of course, that would be quite mean *cough* Sanzenin Nagi*cough*), I do feel that your comments are unnecessarily biased.

      Take these arguments for instance:
      One can enjoy loli characters without being a pedophile. It’s human nature to enjoy cute things, people fawn over puppies, kittens etc, when you think about it, those are child versions of animals. Humans are but another animal we fawn over the cuteness of them when their little.

      If you wish to ban loli characters because you feel that it will lead to someone being a pedophile, I would also suggest you ban pictures of animals in case it leads someone to developing a love for beastiality. And what about showing blood in tv and movies, it could lead to all our children becoming sadists!!

      Also, there are cases where a person has a mental condition which makes them find children arousing. Surely anime and the like that contains loli-ero can serve as an outlet for their desires. Removing that outlet could cause them to grab a white van and abduct children off the street.

      And I don’t believe you should ban something just because it LOOKS like a child. Personally I have a medical condition, my body is not aging as fast as other people. I am often mistaken for a fourteen year old, yet I will be 20 years old come August. It’s a sad fact of life. If I were to date another 20 year old I am sure you would get up in arms, calling the poor girl a pedophile. Yet if I was to date a 14 year old, you would just think that it’s just teenagers dating when I would in fact be committing an act of pedophilia. As the old saying goes ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’

      I hope you will think upon this, I am not asking you to being a loli fan, I just hope that you can appreciate the other side of the argument.

    • we do not approve of pedophilia, nor do we reject it as well. if others don’t like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn’t about pleasing everybody. saying this you should also keep in mind that our primary purpose in this life is to help others, if you cant – at least don’t hurt them 🙂

  • oh, and why don”t they make a law against bad influential movies/TV shows, books, and other dreadful entertainments much video games. oh what will become of the forms of entertainment. all of it is full of rubbish, i say screw that law, not that my opinion matters. but, such entertainment is certainly not the only bad influence, people…

    • I love that they’ll get rid of ero-loli but let things like Berserk go on. hell that manga has blood, guts, rape and torture. (but it’s okay they treat children nicely)

  • Seems like they are facing more overseas pressure and so all the loli needs to go, but in all honest most anime characters will look underage to foreigns who look at it for the first time, it’s just that even IRL most Japanese girls look younger than they actually are so this is gonna be tricky and possibly racist to ban all this look a like under aged characters, sure that some of them are so obvious under aged.

    All this is kinda funny when in Japan the age of consent to have sex is 13 so if a girl is a 13 year old you can legally have sex with her however you can’t have a VN with a girl which look like 13.

  • This is silly, banning anything with characters portrayed in a provoking manner that appears underage, including mangas, anime and VNs, would destroy part of the japanese culture as we know it. This will severely affect the way the otaku related products are made and distributed, and may eventually cause the ceasing of such market.
    Some might say that this is good, but it is not. You may not enjoy it, but there are those who do. For comparison, people don’t cause ban games with extreme violence on Resident Evil or Mortal Combat, or heavy adult themes on Grand Theft Auto, so why should they ban here?
    If you don’t like it or don’t agree with it, just don’t consume it. That’s how capitalism works. If it still exists, it’s because people consume it for their own entertainment and by their own will. Sure, there are limits to be had, but as long as there’s distinction of reality from fiction, changes like these are unnecessary.

    • So no more ecchi in school life manga?? (of course ecchi is arousing.. isn’t it?)
      Oh man, this is lame!! i do like ecchi manga like To Love-Ru.. who doesn’t? LoL

    • So there won’t be comiket anymore??
      No more Ero doujinshi??
      No more action figure??
      No more ecchi things??
      No more Eroge??
      WTH this law can’t make it worse–“

  • To be honest. I’m sick of all the laws and rules regarding pornography and eroge. I’m not even afraid of admitting that I’m possessing things you consider “virtual child pornography”. So what? Am I a potential threat to 3D children? Hell no. Looking at 3D makes me sick mentally and physically. Anyway, I don’t mind if they stopped or banned products that depict underaged characters. This might be a good opportunity to collect some new data for researchers. I hope they won’t regret about the law they issued.

    And keep this in mind folks, who think 2D lolicons are sick. There are even sicker people who obssess with money and are willing to trafficking 3D children to produce “real” child pornography. By eliminating 2D loli products, people are trying to convert 2D lolicon into 3D lolicon aka despicable criminals to both sides.

    The bottom line is I hope the law would be passed internationally and I’m ready to be sentenced to jail for being different despite comitting no astrocious acts toward mankind.

    No need to pay heed to my silly comment as it’s stupid to debate about something without substantial evidence and discourage people to vote down the law as the more you try to fight back, the easier for “normal and righteous” people to think that 2D lolis are the causes of child abuse.

    • even though there are 2D lolis who are annoying, there are much more 3D lolis who is more annoying.. There is no way 3D lolis can be that cute xD

      Moreover, i do like 3D lolis as object of cuteness not as fap or sexual material…
      It’s kinda sick to think 3D lolis as fap or sexual material..


    • You sick perv….nah, just kidding. I don’t care if you have 3d loli vids or even the real stuff, whatever floats your boat I say (except cannibalism, I’ll kick your ass if you’re into that).

      Sounds like another case of “lets waste our time fighting a smaller issue that no one will fight to defend instead of the larger more serious problem because we love money!”

  • Well, as always the politicians don’t understand that it’s just fiction (not RL) and that the players can and DO keep apart these two worlds. I (of course!!!!!) fully support such a law in regard to REAL photos (Yikes!), but a drawn image of manga-style-characters ? Oh boy…

  • LOL… a lot of this is just to stir up controversy and to keep the peoples minds off the REAL problem. POLITICIANS WHO ROB YOU BLIND. They take everything they can from you yet let themselves and their cronies get away with murder. DON”T BELIEVE ME? Just look at the past few years…

  • the thought police are world-wide now! scares the hell out of me the way conservative elements always crop up in times of crisis – instead of dealing with real problems the little men in suits that run our gov’t (here in u.s.a., japan, and elsewhere) have decided to deflect the questions of the voting public with stamping out our morality “problems” – it is both wrong and impossible to legislate thought, art, or dreams – this is a dark road that leads to a repeat of the horrors of red scare, holocaust, spanish inquisition, etc. keep on thinking free as that cannot be legislated!!!

  • … This will endanger PSO2. If SEGA increases the characters’ minimum height limit to around 153 cm, I won’t play PSO2 anymore…

  • Dear all

    Don’t worry, this won’t last long
    And get a life, there are more interesting things in life than this stupid law

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