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Yuzu-soft Amairo Islenauts Pre-Release Character Polls

e31165f1d7099c5329ef82e991234655 Yuzu-soft Amairo Islenauts pre-release character polls. A lot of eroge company does something like this. The winner is:
e2b8429221b55fdb33e2522eed913027 d122e1487f6536be1d365456dfaba1e0 4eae3bb4158d6391871ccaade42196c7 d0abed22ff09ceaaf4267ca1bcec83b4 My pick would have been the exact opposite. Blonde girl > Red girl > Purple loli > generic girl.
Purple girl is voiced by Natsuno Koori… so I think that had something to do with it.


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10 years ago

Woot~ I voted for Yune XD

10 years ago

for me purple loli, blonde, redhead, generic girl xD

10 years ago

My pick would have been the exact opposite too…but people voted for boobies

10 years ago

I wish someone will translate it ;A;

10 years ago

Red hair with blue eyes, won’t mind other eye colors, is always number one for me. as for the rest, i need more characterization about the other three otherwise it’s a tough choice. if i have to say then it’ll be generic, hmm… maybe purple, and finally blonde