Yuzu-soft Amairo Islenauts Pre-Release Character Polls

e31165f1d7099c5329ef82e991234655 Yuzu-soft Amairo Islenauts pre-release character polls. A lot of eroge company does something like this. The winner is:
e2b8429221b55fdb33e2522eed913027 d122e1487f6536be1d365456dfaba1e0 4eae3bb4158d6391871ccaade42196c7 d0abed22ff09ceaaf4267ca1bcec83b4 My pick would have been the exact opposite. Blonde girl > Red girl > Purple loli > generic girl.
Purple girl is voiced by Natsuno Koori… so I think that had something to do with it.

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