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Warning: Long Strip of Arcana Famiglia 2 Promo Art

This is promotional art for Arcana Famiglia 2, the sequel to the visual novel of the same name. [VNDB] There was also an Arcana Famiglia anime that ran in June last year. Apparently the first game was horrible according to Hinano, "This is SUCH A WASTE OF POTENTIAL. They could have given her some HILARIOUS DIALOGUE and made this game a lot better than it is but nope. System crap aside, what the fuck is up with trolling the players. This is possibly the worst trolling I’ve experienced since Pandora & Armen Noir… Overall I am just completely disappointed and I don’t think I even want to bother with the upcoming fandisk unless somehow they magically add the romance that lacked in this game." [ ] Click to load full image. But I had to blog this just because of the art.


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