Palette’s Next Game–Insane Pretty.

The eroge studio Palette [EGS] switches up between Kusukusu/NYAON combo (e.g. Hareten <–piece of shit) and Izumi Tsubasa (Mashiro-iro no Symphony <—kamige). Their next game is in the Mashiro-iro vein, called 恋がさくころ桜どき or Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki [], I saw the official page got updated with a simple intro awhiles back, but I never blogged it… so here it is. ^Screenshot from this page: []
The writer is an unknown person called みなせ未来, so this could go either way on the Richter scale. Palette is also working on another game called Minna Sasagechau! [VNDB] but this other one is nukige. 恋がさくころ桜どき probably my most anticipated game right now. There’s no release date yet.

By the way, here is a full sized version of the image found in the header. You can grab a lossless PNG of it from

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