February 2013 "Visual Novels" on the PSP: Fate/Extra, Grisaia, D.C.III, Dungeon Travellers 2, Railgun

I’ll just go through a splattering of games that are coming out February/March.

  • Title: Fate/Extra CCC
    Release Date: March 28th 2013 (got delayed)

    Genre: Fighting Game
    Brand new story in the Fate/Extra series.
    The limited edition has 1) Artbook. 2) Album of character songs.  3) Figma action figure of Saber in her wedding dress costume. 4) Box art by Type-Moon illustrator Takeuchi Takashi. Can be yours for a mere USD$149.90…………! []
    Actually the recommended retail price is 10,479 Yen which is about USD$112.93, and some shops, like HMV are selling it for 10% off that price (¥9,431 which equals USD$101.64). Which means it is cheaper to use EMS Shipping + mail proxy fee (I recommend If you use a mail proxy, it will be cheaper overall. It should come around at USD$131.81~ depending on where you live. If you use Air Mail, even cheaper. ALSO (!) you might want to think about paying the extra 10% and buying it from because they have the best tokuten. You get 2 sets of stick posters (very small posters). There are other store-exclusive tokuten but they are all worthless telephone cards. (except for scanning them and then posting them on
  • Title: Grisaia no Kajitsu PSP
    Release Date: February 21st 2013
    Direct port of the first Grisaia game onto PSP. Only changes is they added a few new PSP-only CGs drawn by フミオ , 渡辺明夫, the two main artists. There are two store-exclusive tokuten worth going for. Both B2 size tapestries from and Preview images respectively:
    ^ ^ Use mail proxy: []
  • Title: D.C. III+ ~Da Capo III~ Plus
    Release Date: February 28th 2013
    Price: Limited Edition 9,240yen. Regular Edition 6,090yen. Beginner’s Edition 8,190yen.
    Standard-fare PSP port of the game, still no information yet about how the PSP version is different. They also said they will be doing Android and iPhone/iPad versions, so you might want to hold onto your wallets for that if you prefer. The limited edition is extremely not worth it, it comes with a nendoroid puchi which is horrible quality (I have some), and a packet of D.C.III trading cards. BUT (!) the store-exclusive tokuten is worth it! One shop, WonderGOO is offering a B2 Tapestry (B2 is 500mm x 702mm) and a lesser competitor, Gamers is offering A3 Tapestry. As pictured below. WonderGOO on the left. Gamers on the right.
    Use mail proxy: [] Also Sofmap is awful for turning that pretty pic of Ricca into an effing telephone card! ;A;
  • Title: Dungeon Travelers 2: Ouritsu Toshokan to Mamono no Fuuin
    Playstation Portable
    Developer: Aquaplus
    Release date: Winter 2012
    A brand-new Dungeon Travelers, but weird…. it’s not a spin-off of To Heart2. This one is complete stand-alone story that is set in the same universe but has original cast of characters. The scenario writer is Yoda Bou, the main writer of the infamous Criminal Girls, quest scenario writer for 7th Dragon 2020, and a couple of BL games. []I’m interested because the art is so damn good XD. It looks like they are going all out with this one. Looks like in-house artist? Official site. Here is the trailer PV. The limited edition for 9,240 yen comes with 1) Pretty cardboard box. 2) Royal library registrar of names, like a fanbook. 3) Deck of playing cards with all the monster girls for pictures. 4) Arranged sound track. 5) Original drama CD.
  • Title: Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble
    JP Title: (とある魔術と科学の群奏活劇 A Certain Magical
    and Scientific Ensemble)
    Release Date: February 21st 2013
    Platform: PSP
    Genre: Visual Novel
    Cross-over between Railgun & Index. Supposed to tie-in with the film. Playasia only have the regular edition listed… (overpriced). The limited edition comes with 4 tiny figures. Official Site Here

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