Secret Project Is Complete–Coming Out Tomorrow!

Hey someone will announce the release of a newly translated game tomorrow! Lovers of LBH will be very happy! (LBH = Long Black Hair)

But before you plunge in, I want to make it clear that this is not a good translation. Of what I’ve seen of it, the translation is extremely literal. You can tell a lot of the Japanese sentences have been direct 1:1 into English without rephrasing it in a more natural way. Most of the English words look like they were lifted from dictionary. Reading this is like reading a raw translation where the translator was asked to ONLY focus on keeping the meaning intact at the cost of literacy.
But this is playable. So long as you can tolerate some funky grammar, you can play this game. But to illustrate my point, if there was a button that the people at TLWiki could press to delete it forever from the face of the earth, they would press it… if that helps you understand ^^. Myself I’m not against people serving people. So long as there is a market for poor-grammar speedsubs and those who don’t mind providing poor-grammar speedsubs, then the transaction should take place… for this is how the human empire was built.

I’m uploading the game to fuwan atm. Anyhows look forward to it ^_^
It’s a good game too.

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