Android Sundays: Fate/Stay Night

Today marks the beginning of a new weekly series focused on making it easier for you to enjoy Visual Novels on your Android devices.  I’ll be highlighting one game a week: offering tips on how to get it onto your device, and pointing out useful game resources.

This week’s game:

01 Saber

Fate/Stay Night

I’m having a TON of fun playing Fate/Stay night on my Nexus 7 tablet.  Even though I’ve already played/completed the game on my PC, there’s a certain magic to having familiar characters and music at my fingertips, and I love it.  One of the coolest features (which really changes the play experience) of playing the game on the VNDS app is the removal of Fate’s full-screen text experience.  For the first time ever I’m reading Fate with a bottom-of-the-screen text bar, which allows me to clearly see and enjoy the game’s amazing art.


Requirements: You’ll need five things to get this game on your device:

  • The VNDS Android App (Paid – recommended for saving!) (Free)
  • A copy of the game (Fuwanovel has you covered — click here for game page)
  • Weeaboo’s VNDS converter (Link – Scroll down until you see Fate/Stay Night VNDS converter. Download the latest version.) (1.2.3 at the time of this publication)
  • A (USB?) cable to transfer the program data onto your Android device
  • ~1.4 GB free space (or less) on Android memory or SD card (space depends on how high of quality you like your images)

Installation Steps

  1. Boot the Weeaboo Fate/Stay Night (FSN) converter.  The converter has a nice, logical GUI:  point the converter to the correct “Game Folder”, or the location of the FSN game you downloaded, and specify a folder where you want it to export the VNDS version
  2. For “Target Platform”, select the resolution of images you want for your device.  The larger the resolution, the higher quality the images will be on your device
  3. Click “Start”.  The converter will run and will alert you when it’s finished
  4. Connect your device to your PC.  Open up the android device and navigate to your “sdcard” folder
  5. Either find or create the following file structure:   [sdcard]/vnds/novels
  6. Copy the FSN game folder into the “novels” folder.  The folder you should copy over should be the game directory (so, within that “fate” folder should be the “background” “foreground” “save” “script” “sound” folders, etc.)
  7. Boot up the VNDS app.  “Fate Stay Night” should be immediately visible in your game library.  Click it to begin playing!


02 Tohsaka03 Berserker


Game Resources:

Check out this walkthrough for FSN in the Fuwanovel forums!

There is a huge database of FSN backgrounds on this page.

Game OST coming soon!

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I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.


  • There are several error (unreadable bitmaps) when converting backgrounds for Nexus 7. Should I be concern about them. Example: a21back.bmp , ??.bmp , …

    • I just ran the converter again to check how it went for me. Yeah – I had a handful of bitmap conversion errors, but no problems converting scripts and audio (etc.). FSN is too huge to quickly test for quality, but so far (Fate, 1/2 UBW) it’s been absolutely fine with no problems.

      Hope this helps!

    • I ran 7 cores took me almost an hour on highest quality.
      i7 2.9 ghz with millions of other stuff running on the background.
      I go the Errors too but it for fine till now but idk bout later

    • The errors come from the size of the images. Since some images are not EXACTLY 800×600, the error (I think is unexpected end of file or something along those lines) pops up when a bitmap like that appears. But since those are image errors, this shouldn’t be that much of an issue when playing. If it still bothers you, just play on a PC or try converting the novel with another parameter values.

      tl;dr: not that much of an issue, carry on.

    • Yeah, or I could have photoshop’d them out. I left them in to clarify the Android-ness of the port.

      There’s not a whole lot of point for me to root a Google device — it already runs a pure, always-updated Android platform. Everybody has their own preferences, tho!

  • it’s great being able to read FSN on an android device, but people should be aware that graphic effects (zooms, splashes, etc… specific to the original game engine) are lost in translation from the pc version to a vnds version. The novel is the same but of course some things can’t be converted to vnds. This is something that i think should be told when talking about converting visual novels to vnds.

    The other way to read visual novels is using a remote app like splashtop 2 and then you should get the same experience than using the pc, but you then depend on how fast is your wifi even in a local network (and some games have minor problems like ever 17 which i don’t know why i can’t tap to pass the text)

    • This is Tay, the author of the article. Unfortunately, yes, the vanilla version of Fate/Stay Night has two sexually intimate scenes per route. There are removal patches out there for the game, making it like the “Realta Nua”version, but they are buggy, don’t work worth the VNDS application, and I have not tested them.

      I personally do not like H-Content in games, and so I have to skip the scenes when I play. VNDS does have a powerful skip function.

  • what are the correct settings for this because everytime i run it, it always reaches over 2 gigs and still not done yet as the size increases so i shut it down. is that normal?

  • I’m having problems with this, I have an LG Optimus Hub e510, can someone tell me how to configure the converter to make the Visual Novel playable on my phone?

    • Make a ‘vnds’ folder in your memory card and a ‘novels’ folder inside vnds folder. Copy your generated files inside a ‘fate’ folder and paste it inside the novels folder. So it would be fate inside a novels folder, inside the vnds folder.. the vnds app on your tab will automatically read the game, but if not, you can direct vnds to the fate directory on the memory card.

      Hope that woud help you pay the legendary vn on

  • Hi. Just get the necessary apps and game ready. If you downloaded the fuwanovel game files, it is already prepatched. So you can run the game on your pc by doubleclicking the exe file. Unzip the weeaboo converter, it has a nice gui. Just input the game directory in the proper field and your target directory. You ca also choose your desired resolution and some parameters. Wait the convertion to finish, ~1-2 hours. . The generated file has a txt file that will tell you how and what files you will have tocopy to your memory card, shouldyou wish to have the whole game or have it by routes

  • Yay, finally I could install it on my tablet 24 hours later, thanks to my faithfull Intel Atom (16 hours of painful waiting), this guide, and headaches…
    Thanks a LOT (Y)

  • Hi!
    I converted the game but it took me 6 hours..
    But it runs alright
    But at some point the script turns into a mixed kanji letters with other characters..I can’t read kanji but im sure it’s messed up,and there’s some numbers too with other languange letters.I think I saw a russian one and arabic one..
    It won’t save at that point,it will says
    “ saving :: String more than 65535 UTF bytes long”
    and I can’t see the text log.
    But after skipping the part the game will return to normal eventually,but the final of fate route has this error and become unplayable!
    Did I messed up in convertion?
    I could locate the .scr files,but what should I do?

    • I’m having the same problem during the Heaven’s Feel route, on day 2 when I choice “2. I’m worried about Sakura”, everything turn into a mix of chinise, kanji and arabic and I can’t even skip that part, it just go into a lop. Thought I have no idea where to get those “healthy” files to replace the bad ones. I tried doing the conversion 3 times with different versions, but it’s always the same.

    • How did you guys solve it? Do I need to redownload and reconvert it again? If so, do tell me the best settings you guys did! I don’t want to encounter those weird characters again and found myself at a long trying to figure out what the hell happened.. please help!

  • Ok I finally managed to install it and start the main menu. But when i try to start the game, it sais “Invalid jump: fate01-00.scr nil”.
    And is it normal that the convertion took 5secs ?

  • Yaaaay Its finally working! I think… Well i tried converting the game in every possible way, and now, its actually taking a loooooong while to convert. Judging by the previous coms, looks like i got it right somehow.

    • How exactly did you try it in every possible way?
      I have that problem and tried again and again with converting it in different ways. It didn’t work.
      It would be very helpful to know “how”.

  • Thanks man, works perfect. I have a lot of error shown during the conversion, especially during the background part, but I haven’t experience any problems till now. Took me around three hours on a five years old computer (C2D 2.40 GHz) but it definitely worth the wait.
    This is really great, I wanted to read this since I watched Fate Zero, I know it’s not the ideal way, but I don’t really have the time to do it at home and now I can do it while commuting.

  • VNDB Still the best visual novel reader for android out there today? Can someone tell me if there’s visual novel reader engine for android that can go to VN menu such as gallery? Or can VNDB do that? If so please tell me how.. thank you..

  • Umm .. i have 3 files … generated, original and fate . How do i put it in my phone??
    .. like, must we put all three in a specific file?

    • There are instructions inside the Fate folder, but did you left the program completely finish the conversion? At least when I did it, the generated and original folders disappeared at the end, and just the Fate folder was left.

  • Oh … it written “done!” In the converter but then they suddenly have zipping if i anm not wrong
    … so … i have really complete the process do i?

  • By the way, if it did not complete the conversion ,can i start the conversion from where it ended or do i have to restart the whole conversion?

    • You should start over or it can cause problems. Oddly, sometimes you end up with those three folders or only with “Fate”. Inside the fate folder there’s a another folder named “base_install” , you only have to put the content of “base_install” (This is important, the content, so copy the files within the folder, not the folder itself) on your phone at [sdcard]/vnds/novels/fate/ and that’s it.

  • hullo. i got it to work so far but my problem is that when u get to the choice of going home or going into the basement both options seem to give me bad ending..

    is this possibly a glitch from the converter?

  • Hey man thx for your instruction, tried it and Fate was running on first try 😀
    But now i have a porblem. Im using a HTC One and Vnds Interpreter Lite, and that may now sound stupid but i cant figure out how to save my progress^^

    Hopefully you can help me out

  • I know this has been brought up earlier but I am encountering the same unreadable bitmaps (EOFExceptions) as well. I am converting to the max resolution of 1280×720.

    Has anyone (Tay?) noticed any missing images having played through the game (ideally to completion i.e. finishing all of the routes)?

    If there are some missing ones (I cannot help but think that there has to be, judging from the error reports) and having read Imationer’s explanation, what would be the best/optimal resolution to convert the files to without encountering this issue?

    Thanks in advance!

  • As per the following thread I found on Google, I can confirm that the following scripts are corrupted as they end up as kanji. The most notable corruption for me is final battle of the Fate scenario.




    Going to dark09s post in the forum I’ve linked above seems to have the healthy script files if your converter keeps messing up. vnds -> FSN -> base ->

    The file is only 6MB whereas the one I get from the converter is 11MB so I’m unsure of what’s missing (keep a copy of your original); however, at least I can now finish the Fate route. Unfortunately those fixed scenes won’t have any voice acting. Not sure where to get replacements for those.

  • Google Nexus 7 user here, what’s the path you’re using because I’m having no luck at all. VNDS is refusing to display it even though I input the correct path (I believe I am). For example I’ve tried Storage/Emulated/novels/fate etc, no matter what I try it won’t pick it up.
    I don’t have an [sdcard] route either when I hook it up to my computer just defaults. What should I do?

  • To everyone who’s been having trouble – make sure you aren’t installing the version with Realta Nua (which is the linked version). If you use a version with Realta Nua, delete the patch associated with it (in this case, patch 7), before converting.

  • I just have a quick question about the converted version if someone would be kind to answer. I got it running perfectly on my tablet but are all the routes automatically unlocked when you first start the game? I would prefer to play through in the proper order without looking at walkthroughs too much, thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Can someone post a link to already conveted files, please? My converter displays numerous errors, some folders are completely emply afters it’s done and total converted folder size is about 5 or 7 Mb. I susupect something is wrong.

  • I just started the game, but for some reason, I got transfered to Unlimited Blade Works after Lancer escaped and Saber was summoned. I checked the flowchart, and according to it, I was not supposed to get the option to “Stop her.” or “Don’t stop her.” without first clearing the Fate route and getting the “SaberClear” point. What’s going on? o.O

  • Ive just finished downloading the game and its like 2.80 gb but when i converted it to the highest resolution. although the product was only 6.80mb. conversion took me about 2. something seconds i cant remember the exact time. though this is my first time doing this but im pretty sure there is something wrong with the size of my converted file.. i went and put the file on my phone anyway (phone storage/vnds/novels/)(oh right and after the conversion the file was already named fate). i only put in the base_install cause i remember seeing that somewhere in the comments i dont remember if its here or some other forum though. but i cant see the game using vnds any ideas on what went wrong?

    • The newest version of the converter adds an extra couple steps to the process, though the files should still be bigger, took me an hour or so to convert at max ogg quality and 97% jpeg quality 1280 x 800.

      The end result after using the converter is an installer, which you still have to run again to get the files you need to copy to your device. FSNInstaller.jar should be in the fate folder, run it and point it to a directory where your real converted game files will be.

  • Okay i somehow got it to run.. but only until the part where it asks me where to watch the prologue or start game. when i hit watch prologue it just writes ends of pologue and when i tap on start game there is this error ( Invalid jump: fate01-00.scr nil any idea as to what is happening?

  • Dunno if you still check this or not but I’m having the same kanji/arabic problem that a lot of people have had. I spent all night tonight trying to troubleshoot, and re-encode the game different ways with the converter but none of that worked so I guess the problem is with the scripts? I saw there was a link to a forum with a healthy but it must’ve died at some point. There any way you could post an updated script?

    • It’s for people who convert the original game without the realta nua patch. The torrent provided in this post already has it. I think the realta nua version was for the ps2 and it’s where the voice overs come from.

  • This is strange… it seems like all the choices to access the three routes are available, and I haven’t completed the game, not even one time.

    Anyone can confirm this?? I’m just confused or something?

  • I want to play vn’s on my htc one, but i dunno what i need to enter for the search part, i can’t figure it out…Can someone please help…? I want to play ever 17 on the go D:

  • Hey, I did exactly as instructed here, but my vnds app can’t find the game no matter what I do. I created the folders as I should, I transferred the game as I should, yet it can’t find it at all. It says no novels found in any of the paths.

    What could be the problem?

    • that no longer works for me i have been playing the fate route when the end just suddenly brings me to the title screen.the one i played with is converted one
      pls help and thx in advance

  • i did everything but after selecting some choices i get wierd character and the game is stuck on the same scene, it doesn’t move any further. does any one else face this problem? did i do something wrong?

  • I’m a motog user, VNDS is not displaying it even though I input the correct path.
    I don’t have an [sdcard] route either when I hook it up to my computer just defaults. What should I do?

  • why can’t we buy the full version of VNDS?? many people commenting in play store, like me, have all payment menthods declined but all other apps work. I want to have saves! ):

    • Seems VNDS full versions is no longer purchasable on the app store. It’s still on the store, but google rejects all your payment methods. I spoke to someone at google support and they told me that often happens when an app has been on the store for a long time and the developer hasn’t updated their payment details, so google doesn’t know where to send your money.

      Sounds like VNDS is dead. Does anyone know an alternative?

  • Just finished it yesterday. But i can’t find “new ending” (Shirou meats Saber in Avalon). Someone pls help me?

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