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Hatsuyuki Sakura Fan Translation Project STARTS! Looking for Editor – by Zky

Zky at vnsociety just announced he will be doing Hatsuyuki Sakura!… which I just posted about earlier for being the Overall Winner of the Getchu 2012 Bishoujo Game Award and coming in first place for scenario… Now he just needs an editor. Hacking is being taken care of by d_dallen_god. Original hack by Nagato.

“I will be translating Hatsuyuki Sakura. The current status of the project is 2158/38943 lines (900~ lines TLed over past 5 days, the remainder is imported translations from my fun playing around with Visual Novel Reader). Patches will be released at the end of the prologue and then after each consecutive route- after the engine has been fully cracked (I have the scripts thanks to the help of Nagato, but more work needs to be done for the engine which d_fallen_god will take over). I’ll be setting up a project page soon and I look forward to bringing this game to the English community. =) I am currently accepting editors. If you are interested in editing for Hatsuyuki Sakura and believe your English is better than the average native’s (which I personally believe to be low >.>) then drop by in our irc at channel #vnsociety [or click here] and let me or someone in the channel know.”

Also mandatory: Please click on this: [] <— Mandatory


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10 years ago

Another project to look forward to! <3

10 years ago

Looking forward to this very much, I wish all the translators and those involved good luck on completely completing this project! I’ve been a fan of this visual novel for a while. 😀

Sora Yahnma
10 years ago

How far are you now?

10 years ago

looking forward to this, had a lengthy break of saga planets visual novels since none group touched kisaragi gold star although it looks good…

10 years ago

looking forward to this. listened this song was sung by fripside, and i love the CG’s for first sight. the story looks promising. i’m watching your blog =))

10 years ago

I wish I could help since I have three years of Japanese knowledge, but over the summer some of it’s slipped away. I was part of a small translation group for the CORE route on Daiteikoku by Alicesoft, but everyone’s busy and so am I.

8 years ago

i hope i can read ur translation 🙂

7 years ago

Please tell me the project isn’t dead ;-; i wanna play so badd

Reply to  Mizuki142
7 years ago

It’s dead, and has been for years. You can check out our weekly VNTS posts for info on all active VN translations: