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Speaking to Fan Translators (16/09/10)

Interviews today over IRC:
Necrosis (Dustmania Grotesque, Gore Screaming Show)
Spin569874123 (Editor for numerous projects)
TinFoil (Editor- Osadai, Sumaga, Chaos Head)
Phlebas & echoMateria (Dakkodango members, i.e. Tears to Tiara, Eien no Aselia, Seinarukana)

GundamAce’s 2087 word love letter to Ever17 (Never7 translator)
Arlen’s beautifully detailed email on Princess Maker 5 (translator)

Other Updates:
Initiated contact with all 75 translation groups.

Tomorrow’s Agenda:
Interview Phar, Moogy and Taka-Jun (unlikely). Not looking forward to writing Moogy’s interview questions. Funnily enough, I also know his questions will be the most interesting to write.

Thank you to all who have responded!


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13 years ago

Someone (or all of us) should take the transcripts from our interviews and make it into a VN. We can each have art from a game we’ve worked on, have some simple music, make it in Kirikiri2/KAG3… it’d be easy and fun. It would bolster a sense of community and make for an interesting way to express our thoughts and an excellent way to present the outcome of this big interview project.

13 years ago

Haha that is a great idea. However I am only a little bit concerned seeing as I am the interviewer on all of these scripts and in the visual novel format (always 1st person), the player plays as… ME??

13 years ago

Shit yeah. Of course Bro.

We’ll throw in a harem h-scene just for you where like 5 voted-on heroines get naked and service you in all kinds of unimaginable ways. Not at the same time, of course. Because then we’d have to do the art ourselves, which would defeat the purpose.