Speaking to more Fan Translators (17/09/10)

Interviews today over IRC:
Phar (YU-NO @ TLWiki)
nimue (Hakuoki)
sabino, d_fallen_god (11eyes)
dummyacct7 (Pure Pure @ TLWiki)
d_fallen_god (general hacker)
yeah321 (Katahane @ TLWiki)

Maverynthia (Exorcism of Maria)
pondrthis (G-Senjou no Maou @ TLWiki)
Edgar (Canvas 2)

Other Updates:
Tried to go over some of the groups I could not contact. Also trying to speak to zalas…

Tomorrow’s Agenda:
Write more interview questions, especially Moogy’s and jp302’s. TakaJun won’t be back until the 21st according to SlashZero. Also I made the decision not to initiate contact with Witch Hunt. The rationale is that, I have never played an Umineko game and I cannot possibly know how to write the interview questions (In fact I will embarass myself). If you are an Umineko fan and you would be so kind to donate some of your time to help me write the questions, please contact me

Thank you to all who have responded!

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