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Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari

Pure Pure Mimi to Shippo no Monogatari


Foreword Although I was not able to catch FuryOfTheSkies for the interview, dummyacct7 and Etral provided me with more than enough answering fodder. It was an interesting exchange, and the two of them were very friendly to me. If you are a wandering fan translator looking for a group, I would suggest you try joining these guys no matter what. They seem like very nice people to work with.

Interesting Tidbits
FOTS stands for FuryOfTheSkies, the name of their slightly slothful leader. This image was posted on the 23 September 2009.
Chapter 2 is currently 10.67% complete.

dummyacct7 & FuryOfTheSkies
Contact Details

Not sure if they could use any more staff for now since the project is in its last phase. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Check with dummyacct7 or FuryOfTheSkies.

Speak to dummyacct7 OR FuryOfTheSkies on IRC.

The Interview

dummyacct7 & Etral

Preface: Etral is not a member of staff, but he is a perma-resident of #FOTS, the irc channel. That is why I had him speak during the interview too. He is a little worried because of that – but I wish to say to him that he needn’t be.

<Aaerul> Can you tell me a little bit about FOTS? How did it start? Does the group only deal with things that are furry.
<@dummyacct7> in any case, i’m not sure exactly how the group started, since i wasn’t here at conception

<Aaerul> what is one thing you find attractive about kemonomimi 獣耳
<@dummyacct7> basically, it’s people with animal ears and tails
<Etral> I can tell you as the token furry in a more “ears and tails only” oriented group, there is a surprisingly distinct line between kemonomimi and actual furry. ^^;
<@dummyacct7> really, i’m more attracted to other aspects than the kemonomimi-specific features, but they’re a cute bonus・・
<Aaerul> so the lolis in pure pure are just furries
<@dummyacct7> once the nose starts getting weird it becomes questionable =P
<@dummyacct7> the girls in pure pure are kemonomimi, but not furries
<@dummyacct7> the only animal features they have are the ears and tails
<Etral> I think we should try to be a little more clear on how we’re all defining “furry” and “kemonomimi.”
<@dummyacct7> kemonomimi
<@dummyacct7> furry

<Aaerul> sorry tangent. does pure pure need editors?
<Aaerul> maybe Etral can work as one?

<@dummyacct7> mm, not just yet
<@dummyacct7> but if he wanted, mayhaps =P
<Etral> Eheh, I’ve been barking up that tree since i got here, but thanks anywa- what.
<Etral> Yes I would want to if I’m needed, please!
<@dummyacct7> right now translating’s kinda been lazing along, so we don’t really need it just yet

<Aaerul> why does it say, Chapter 2  10.67%
<Aaerul> Chapter 3 100%

<@dummyacct7> because furyoftheskies is doing chapter 2
<@dummyacct7> and he’s been rather unreliable
<@dummyacct7> so i went ahead and translated other parts
<Etral> This group doesn’t translate in order. We’re rebels like that.

<Aaerul> wow.

<Aaerul> This image was put up on the 23rd of September 2009
<@dummyacct7> yeah, as i said, unreliable =P
<Aaerul> have you thought about taking over?
<@dummyacct7> but the game in total is now over 60% translated
<@dummyacct7> i don’t need to, “take it over”, i can just keep working as is

<Aaerul> The pure pure page on tlwiki is by far one of the most vibrant and colourful we have. Who puts in all that
<Aaerul> effort editing the images?
<@dummyacct7> lol, we’ve always been like that
<@dummyacct7> i’ve done the majority of stupid stuff on the page

<Aaerul> You have a lot of different patches. Are all those patches a response to fan feedback? Whose idea was it to make so many? Will the final release have multiple versions?

<@dummyacct7> the final patch should just have a couple parts
<@dummyacct7> it’ll be the patch itself, and an optional voice pack to include some voices from the PS2 port
<Aaerul> I see
<Aaerul> but why do you have so many mini patches
<@dummyacct7> well, fury wanted to get out a patch right after he finished chapter one, without waiting for any editing
<@dummyacct7> so there was one released then
<@dummyacct7> then there was the interview patch as a teaser to the extra voices…
<@dummyacct7> then the sachi patch after editing more or less was completed
<@dummyacct7> so yeah, they’re just incremental releases

<Aaerul> what will the final patch look like?
<Aaerul> just one big file?

<@dummyacct7> probably, though it shouldn’t be THAT big
<@dummyacct7> it’ll just include the scripts, some modified cgs, maybe some extra sound effects…
<@dummyacct7> the voice pack will be optional
<@dummyacct7> there won’t be any ripping required

<Aaerul> What are your general thoughts about the TL Wiki culture? Do you communicate often with the other people on the Wiki?
<@dummyacct7> mmm, unfortunately, i can’t really comment much on that one
<@dummyacct7> fury seems to have been in contact with moogy, but i personally have had little interaction with the community

(Post Interview Chatter)
<Etral> If there’s any way I might be able to help, you can feel free to ask. I have quite a bit of free time on my hands these days…
<@dummyacct7> i can imagine a lot of people going, “who is dis gai”, lol

<Aaerul> can someone who is extremely not-busy give me feedback on this page?
<Aaerul> What do you see that looks wrong, graphically-speaking?
<@dummyacct7> well, aside from the site itself only spanning a small portion of my horizontal resolution, it looks rather well organised
<@dummyacct7> i think it might need a <br> or whatever after “<Sabino> it is still a worthwhile VN if you like the occultistic, magic/real life sort of concept”
<@dummyacct7> before the image
<TOTA> extra <br> before <@Aaerul> okay and how did you find your way to translating visual novels? <@Aaerul> to make it match with the spacing of your other images
<TOTA> in terms of whitespace
<TOTA> actually a <br> between those too I guess

Thanks for the feedback you guys gave me for the site’s design. It took me a long time trying to determine the layout for these pages. While they are not perfect, I have incorporated your feedback.


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