SEKAI/SUBETE Remake and Translation is now out on DLsite!

Sekai no Subete, developed by Tama-soft, was originally released on March 26th, 2002 in Japan. It also received many ports thanks to the work of Regista. Now there's a remake…

ONE. Remake Trial Version Released

Over the years, ONE. has gained the title of being a cult classic, and it's remembered for its intriguing characters, and it's distinct visual style. Now, you can finally check…

Another Code: Recollection Announced for Switch

After almost a decade since the first game, we get two remasters in a bundle!

WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow is out NOW!

Today, Shiravune — publisher of Utawarerumono series and the PRIMAL HEARTS series — released the AQUAPLUS classic WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow. Announced last June, the game is a…

Tsui no Sora’s Remake Announced to Get a Fan Translation

Today, on July 20th 2023, a group of fan translators announced on Twitter that they started a translation project for the famous KeroQ's eroge Tsui no Sora (Remake).