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Fun With Pent up Housewives! – Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- English Patch Released!

On November 15th, a surprise English fan translation patch was released for the 2012 ORCSOFT title Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman -Besluted- which recently also received a remake that has yet to be translated.

The translator for the game is the semi-prolific RunQ, who is primarily known for his work translating Lilith titles. This was his first patch in almost two years.

The game itself is directed by and has a scenario by okomeman himself and art from the artist Mario.

You may download the patch here, to be found on fellow translator Rattan Man’s blog and you may purchase the game here.

The synopsis from DLsite is as follows:

Yuto-kun, will you share your c*ck with us?
A raunchy summer vacation MILF adventure game about once-delinquent housewives as sex friends.

You live on your own as a result of various circumstances, which for some reason makes the local married ladies want to take care of you. Further circumstances lead you to relationships with them. A classic slice of life AVG.

The wives:

  • Sassy-mouthed and trashy on the surface, but actually sweet, widowed – Megumi Morisaki.
  • A beautiful interior decorator with a serious passion for learning – Anna Okudera.
  • Compassionate, slightly ditzy goddess-like milf – Mako Suzumoto.

At the start of summer, three doting neighbor wives knew you were going to be spend your birthday alone and came to celebrate.
“What would you like for a present? Hmm?”
Their bosoms were sake-filled pink dumplings, and their come-hither voices made you lose your mind.

M… please take my… virginity.

You stared with abated breath at these beautiful mothers. They thought of you as a child. You were a man, though, and wanted them to know it. If just one of them agreed…
These women had known wild times. They had been schoolgirls of St. Slut Academy, a boarding house for sex-loving troubled girls who put the nastiest Catholic girl to shame.

DLsite Description

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