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All Four Master Detective Archives: Rain Code DLCs are Now Available

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is a dark fantasy detective action game from the same creator of the notorious Danganronpa series. The main story centers around Yuma, an amnesiac detective-in-training, and the shinigami who haunts him. If you’re intrigued but want more information, we wrote a breakdown about the game when it first released which you can find here.

The reason we’re chatting about Rain Code again is that now all of the game’s four planned DLCs have been released. The first, called Ch. Desuhiko: Charisma Killed the Cat, is a substory where players control Desuhiko Thunderbolt, who is a detective with the Forensic Forte of Disguise. This DLC is only around an hour long.

The second of the four DLC is Ch. Fubuki: Fubuki’s Luckiest Day, a substory that features Fubuki Clockford, whose Forensic Forte is Time Leap. It takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

The third of the four DLC is Ch. Halara: Raining Cats & Dog, a substory that features Halara Nightmare, who has the Forensic Forte of Postcognition. This one also takes around 45 minutes to complete.

Finally, the fourth and final DLC includes both Ch. Vivia: The Near-Death Detective and Ch. Yakou: Thank You, My Detective. Ch. Vivia revolves around Vivia Twilight, who has the Forensic Forte of Spectral Projection, and Ch. Yakou revolves around Yakou Furio, the head of the Nocturnal Detective Agency. Each of the two halves of the DLC can be completed in around half an hour.

Whilst none of the four DLC are very long, I’d still suggest picking them up! They’re satisfying additions to the story and characters already established in the main game, and they’ve got a pretty cheap price tag—as of today, October 28, 2023, you can purchase all of these substories for $5.00 a piece, or buy them all by purchasing the Season Pass at $16.00. The game and the DLC are currently exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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