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Watch Out! Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses, Soon Available in English!

Shiravune is back with another announcement. This time they’re releasing the final entry in the Sakusei Byoutou series from Dark One!, Sakusei Byoutou ~Kyouaku Naru Kangoshichou ga Shihai suru Byouin no Shin’en e Sennyuu Sousa~, localized as Nope Nope Nope Nope Nurses (NNNN Nurses for short).

The game will release on October 13th, 2023 and will be available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. The Steam page is currently up, and you’ll be able to get a patch from Johren to restore all the missing content, or you can preorder the title from MangaGamer or JAST USA.

Spawning a very popular OVA series, this title completes the Sakusei Byouto trilogy, the previous two titles being Nope Nope Nurses and Nope Nope Nope Nurses. These titles can also be found on Steam (1,2) with patches on Johren (1,2) to add all the missing adult content; MangaGamer (1,2); JAST USA (1,2); and KaguraGames (1,2).

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The thrilling final installment of Dark One!’s hit visual novel series! Hapless protagonist Yamada is once again at the mercy of the tender depredations of the world’s worst staff of nurses… and this time, it’s up close and personal with the ruthless Head Nurse who dominates all the rest!


NNNN Nurses released in Japan on October 28, 2022 alongside a COMPLETE edition that collects all three games in one package. The developer, Dark One!, is primarily focused on dark nukige. They are headed up by M’s TOY BOX, which is under the Nexton umbrella. Their first title was Saimin Gakushuu -Secret Desire-, also localized by Shiravune, which was first released in March 2021. Since then, they have released six titles, with a seventh expected later this year.


My name is Yamada.

I'm your average student who was hospitalized because of broken arms. However, I'm also suffering from a rare disease which causes "severe pain in my testicles if I don't ejaculate every three hours".

There is a rumor that the hospital where I'm admitted only has "nurses with the worst personalities". This is more than just a rumor, it is a fact… As I have seen with my own eyes, such a terrifying reality.

Manufacture of illegal drugs.
Strong ties with criminal organizations.
Undercover police investigation.
Isolation ward.
6 million yen a year just for ejaculating.

In this place that I don't know where various people's intentions get mixed up, I found myself sucked into a whirlpool.

What is right and who is wrong?
What is sin and who will punish it?

Now that I have found the answers to these questions, will I be able to get out of this hospital safely…?​ (from VNDB)



Yamada is a young man with a rare condition. His weak points are being indecisive and easily swayed, but this time—at this critical juncture—he’s made up his mind and is ready to take action.

The elder Tendo sibling is the hospital’s head nurse.
Her job description is just to handle the nursing team, but that belies the absolute power she wields; even the doctors, administration, and hospital director can’t defy her.
Desiring ever more authority and ever greater financial power, she’s a ruthless person who’s willing to use any means to achieve her goals.

Mia Tendo is the head nurse’s younger sister and a member of the “OG Three,” veteran nurses who are feared within the hospital.
She’s a really eccentric person who’s truly unpredictable and always laughing. Is she always in a really good mood, or is she just completely cracked? That unpredictability causes strife for tons of people, but since she’s the apple of the all-powerful head nurse’s eye, everyone is doomed to suffer in silence.
Any way you slice it, she’s a very dangerous person with no common sense.
But since she’s the daughter of the head nurse who basically runs this hospital, no one can tell her off.

Amamiya is a terrifying “genius” physician and Doctor of Pharmacy who is often hit with flashes of inspiration that lead her to create astonishing new pharmaceuticals one after another.
Her skills are the real deal but she’s a bit off when it comes to thinking ethically.
he administers the medicine she makes to patients without running any clinical trials first.

Otsuka was once a judo competitor who won many national tournaments and was endowed with a great physique and a promising career.
However, due to an injury, she retired and spent her days in a deep depression.
After accepting Amamiya’s invitation to work with her, she decided to become Amamiya’s assistant.

Aizawa is a worker at the hospital’s internal convenience store, which provides her with some level of anonymity.
This anonymity conceals her true occupation—as an undercover police officer who’s there to expose the hospital’s underworld connections.
She’s got a strong sense of justice and cares deeply for her comrades. She asks Yamada to cooperate with her investigation.

Serious, responsible, and excellent at her job.
However, after being stuck between difficult management and inexperienced juniors for so long, her expression is as austere as her gaze is icy—even to her patients and colleagues.
She’s beautiful and does her job well. Tachibana’s compassion and love for nursing have all but faded, and she attends to Yamada in a brisk, soulless manner, driven only by her stubborn sense of duty.

Former teen delinquent with a mean violent streak and obvious anger management issues—Yamaguchi is keen to let her fists do the talking for her.
Perhaps due to her rough past, she doesn’t take well to perceived slights and has a problem with following orders.
Underneath, she’s a hopeless romantic, although this softer side is never directed at Yamada.

Sneaky and self-deprecating, Kurokawa is quick to bow and scrape when caught out, but is equally adept at bad-mouthing others the second they’re not in the room.
A self-proclaimed “trash human” with a penchant for petty revenge on all rivals, real or imagined.
Avoids confronting people she sees as more powerful, but revels in bullying the weak.
This nurse also loves to play the victim card—and believes all her own nonsense, too. Suspects Yamada to be fellow trash and thus a potential ally.

One of the veteran nurses that make up the “OG Three” at the hospital Yamada in.
Out of all the other nurses here, Yamada’s scared of her the most.
Since the day she became his primary nurse, she has been incessantly whispering horrible things into his ear.
And the more he shows it’s getting to him, the happier she gets. Yamada really wish she would leave him alone.
However, Numajiri seems to like him or something because whether he is sleeping or going to the convenience store, she always follows him around.

Another member of the “OG Three.”
When Yamaguchi told Yamada his primary nurse for this week would be Kiritani, she looked at me like she was pitying him.
He heard that Kiritani is a former delinquent who was feared by everyone in her hometown.
But he is not gonna trust the rumors. After all, Kiritani seems nice, inside and out. Maybe a bit frail-looking, but a real beauty with presence. Calling someone like that a former delinquent has got to be some kind of terrible joke. She actually treats Yamada in the nicest way possible.

Chronically lazy and unmotivated.
Slacks off every chance she gets unless constantly supervised.
Hiramatsu is thoroughly apathetic and indifferent, not least when tending to Yamada’s needs.
She gives off a languid anti-work aura wherever she goes, and takes her sweet time getting anything done.
Sports a consistently sloppy and unkempt appearance.
About the only time this nurse perks up is when she’s been drinking.

A new nurse at the hospital.
She has plenty of energy and a go-getter attitude, but she fails at everything she does and spends half her time getting scolded.
He’ve seen her hiding and crying in unpopulated areas of the hospital many times.
She’s the kind of person that you can’t leave alone, so even he tries to do what he can for her.



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