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Long-Awaited Sequel Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion Teased for 2024

MAGES. GAME and Team GrisGris have announced the title of the mainline sequel to Corpse Party, Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion, along with a teaser image and a teaser website, that is scheduled to come out in 2024.

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Corpse Party is a long running series of horror games, the first of which was Corpse Party: Blood Covered, a hybrid puzzle-solving adventure game with visual novel elements, where five schoolmates get thrown into a haunted school because of an after-school ritual gone wrong. The series has since then received several full visual novel titles such as Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.

Work has begun on the series’ official sequel “Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion”.
Taking place in a brand new setting, a fresh terror grins menacingly as it awaits you!
I hope this game will inspire those of you battling it out through harsh times in the real world. Please, stay safe… !
I look forward to seeing people enjoy the continuously expanding world of Corpse Party!

Makoto Kedouin – Scenarist – source

Dear Corpse Party fans, the long wait is finally over.
This is a new work, 9 years after the release of Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE.

Nine years after the release of Corpse Party: BLOOD DRIVE, there will finally be a new game! With an original story written by Kedouin-san, work has begun in earnest on the production of Corpse Party II: Darkness Distortion!
You can expect a new world in Corpse Party II, distinct from previous Corpse Party games, and the PC title Corpse Party 2: DEAD PATIENT.

Production has ran into trouble of late, due to the psychic phenonema disturbing our general producer, Asada-san, and a continuous pain I have been suffering that runs from my back down my left leg. Anyone capable of performing an exorcism or purification ritual, please get in touch!
Take care of yourselves everyone!

Yasuhiko Nomura – Producer at MAGES. – source

Indeed, the title might be confusing for those who were aware of the aforementioned Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient, an episodic entry to the series that came out in 2019 and has… only 1 episode so far. It would be tempting to say this one is dead in the water, but Kedouin-san confirmed on Twitter that it’s still in production.

It is yet unclear as to what genre the game will be, presented on the website as an horror-ADV, but, being a mainline game, it will most likely be akin to the original game, with movements around the map and puzzles to solve.

The game does neither have a list of platforms it will be available on, nor an English release date.


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