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Omegabutton Releases Demo of Potion Panik on Itch

Earlier this month, a free demo for the otome visual novel Potion Panik was released by omegabutton on The game can be played online in a browser or on PC, MacOS and Linux systems. The full game will feature two routes and at least three endings per route.

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You’re the owner of a potion shop in a small European-ish fantasy town. You dumped your ex one year ago, and you are finally, finally over him. That is, until you take a swig of a love potion. Right in front of him. The only cure? Fall in love with someone for real! But is that even possible when every cell in your body is screaming at you to sell your soul to someone else?




Ankur is the town’s local blacksmith and owner of the armory across the way from the MC’s shop. He’s also been their best friend for years! Strong, reliable, and familiar, he’s the MC’s best option for getting out of their love potion predicament. But when you’ve been strictly platonic for so long, turning your friendship into a romance is easier said than done.


The bastard himself. The MC thought Reuben was the love of their life until a rather rude awakening. It turned out everything he’d told them was a lie: his name, his occupation, and his reasons for getting close to them. It took ages to get over him, but now he’s come back, allegedly to apologize. He sounds sincere…but can you believe anything he says?

Demo Features

  • Nameable main character with selectable pronouns
  • Over 7.5k words
  • The full common route
  • 9 original music tracks


omegabutton – Concept, writer, programmer
kasgames – Co-writer
Siyokoy – Sprite artist, character designer
Ryan X. Messcher – Composer
Leon Artmann – Sound designer
Julian  @ feralroyal – UI designer, credits screen artist, title screen artist (not counting logo)

Flurrey – Background artist
Becca – Background designer (roughs)
WaterWays – logo designer

Special thanks to nisha-lampara!



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