A (Yandere) Mystery is afoot! – Kickstarter for Heart Cage launched!

A yandere mystery thriller... what more could you ask for?

Omegabutton Releases Demo of Potion Panik on Itch

Earlier this month, a free demo for the otome visual novel Potion Panik was released by omegabutton on itch.io. The game can be played online in a browser or on…

Candied Hearts Demo is now Available!

This is an otome comedy game where you play as an obsessed fan of the titular gacha game, who then gets dragged into that world.

Poetry in Purgatory now Fully Released

Created by Tymedust Games, this game fully released on June 30th 2023 on Itch.io entirely for free!

Demo for Yandere Mystery Otome Heart Cage Released on June 30th

Following the workings of the Otome/Josei Jam, the Hong Kong-based development studio Ricelovecoffee released a demo for their new otome game «Heart Cage».

Otome Jam and Josei Jam 2023—Event Summary

Hosted by Akua Kourin and Crystal Game Works, this year's Otome Jam ran from May 1st to July 1st.