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Tsukihimates Will Release Full Moon English Patch for Tsukihime ~ a piece of blue glass moon~ on 17th of June

The specialized fan translation team “Tsukihimates” finally finished the full English patch for TYPE-MOON‘s prolific remake of Tsukihime. This was announced on the 10th of June 2023 through a trailer video on their YouTube channel, garnering clamor amongst the community. In style with the visual novel’s themes and structure, they released a Half Moon (16th July 2022) as well as a Full Moon patch, of which cover different parts of the narrative.

Tsukihimates announced their project on the 11th of September 2021, shortly after the release of the game itself that August. While other translation projects on that scale are usually unlikely to be completed, Tsukihimates quickly proved a degree of coordination that other groups couldn’t match up with. They quickly dispatched a partial translation covering the first days of the narrative (around 25% of the Arcueid route) before the project progressed slowly but surely with monthly updates keeping the community informed about the progress of the project. During summer of the next year, the Half Moon patch covering the entire Common & Arcueid route, was released. The Full Moon patch (which adds the Ciel route) is now done and will soon be made available on 17th of June 2023. In total, the entire project took almost two years.

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While the game was released for Nintendo Switch as well as PS4, this patch will only operate with the Switch version on either Homebrewed consoles or through emulation. A comprehensive tutorial how to get the game to run can be found on the Tsukihimates’ website.


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