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DLsite’s Otome Branch Announces English, Chinese, and Korean Localizations of Club Suicide: Complete Edition

DLsite Garumani, the otome branch of DLsite, has announced that they will be releasing an English, Chinese, and Korean localization of Club Suicide: Complete Edition. While the potential release date of the title is still shrouded in mystery, this is exciting news for fans of gritty, morally gray games. As far as the game itself, it was developed by MORPATH and originally released for PC in 2020. An upgraded version with new scenarios, extra endings—all built on a different engine (Unity)—was released on Steam this month on June 5th. The story revolves around the general theme of “anti-romance” and has a rather dark and unique set of storylines.

Another interesting fact about Club Suicide is that it was almost entirely created by one person: Leiji Uesugi. She came up with the game’s narrative, drew the game’s art, composed the game’s music, contributed vocals, and directed the entire project. She, along with the rest of MORPATH, is now currently working on the company’s next game, Inga Ouhou: Murderous Plaza.


I’m…contemplating suicide.

The school year is drawing to an end, and the spring breeze has begun to blow. With only seven days left before they graduate, a group of boys yearn for death. 

After some conflict erupted between you and your fellow classmates, you picked up the habit of skipping school. But, upon attending class for the first time in quite a while, a strange poster catches your attention. It’s advertising a school organization called: “Club Suicide.”

You’ve had periodic suicidal thoughts of your own, though you’ve never had any particular reason to feel that way. Before you know it, you find yourself peeping in the clubroom door–partially out of curiosity, and partially out of a desire to act on the dark thoughts that linger in your mind.

The five boys gathered there inform you: “Within the following seven days, we’re planning to completely sever our attachments to this world and end our lives.” Faced with their unwavering intensity, you begin to feel afraid. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking, “I want to live.” But how are you supposed to tell this group of boys, who are so seriously working towards ending their own lives, that you’ve changed your mind? Spitting out something like, “I don’t want to die after all!” to them seems wrong.

And so you hold your secret close to your heart, even as thoughts of the boys’ impending suicides haunt you. The clock begins to tick, counting down the hours until this bizarre, repulsive ritual comes to an end.


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DLsite has not currently confirmed whether the game’s English version will only be available for purchase through their storefront or not, but if you can’t wait and know Japanese, you can currently purchase it on Steam!


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