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Steam Page for Nekonyan’s Clover Day’s Plus now available, Release planned for August 2023

Germany-based visual novel publisher Nekonyan Ltd. announced on the 23rd of June, 2023 that they have published the Steam Store page for ALcot’s Clover Day’s Plus. An exact release date will be announced later, but it will happen around August. The game will be available in Japanese and English. HIKARI FIELD will be supplying the Chinese (traditional and simplified) versions of the game. A price; or the existence of a physical/limited edition has not yet been announced.

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Clover Day’s is a game by ALcot, first released in Japanese stores on the 28th of March, 2014. In 2016, an updated release in the form of Clover Day’s Plus – which is a remake of the original game – with updated graphics, E-Mote support, and new H-Scenes was released. This is also the product that Nekonyan decided to localize.


Bottled-up emotions…
An everlasting oath…
Heartfelt desires…
An enduring regret…
And a childhood promise.

Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain before a trading merchant by the name of Takakura Yoshiomi adopted him and brought him to Japan.

He could barely speak the language, but he had the support and love of his two new sisters, the cheery yet shy Anzu, and the calm, collected Anri.
During his time in elementary school, he also made new friends: the ingenuous and kind Tsubame, and the ostentatious but guarded Izumi.

They were young and oblivious to love back then. They laughed together, cried together, and nurtured irreplaceable bonds with one another.

Ten years later…

The landscape of the town has changed, and so have they.

Yet some things never do change, no matter how much time passes.

“Do you still remember the promise we made that day?”

Ten years ago, during their childhood, there was another pair of twins that they all played with.
Hekiru and Hikaru reappear and the emotions that have since frozen in time are now rekindled.
This marks the beginning of their resplendent time together, their “Clover Days.”

Steam Page Description

Localization History

Originally, the game’s journey to the West started in 2014 as a fan translation by a group called Yakusoku Translations under the lead of Astro. The project, unfortunately, didn’t manage to get far and could only release a 0.1 patch that covered the common route of the game. Later that year, they picked up Ittaku (nowadays translator of ToHeart2‘s fan translation, 90% of HaruUru & Nukitashi), who became quickly the only translator left on the project. Nevertheless, he persevered and Clover Day’s translation itself was completed by July 2017. Afterward, public communication of YT ceased completely. On the 26th of August, 2018, the project then found its early demise, with a post detailing the multitude of issues that the project had faced.

According to the account of WHY_DO_I_SHOUT, one of Nekonyan’s programming staff, Ittaku then had approached Nekonyan in the Summer of 2019 who then managed to secure the necessary licenses. Ittaku corrected this statement, by suggesting the roles were reversed.

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Once January 31, 2020, rolled around, Nekonyan announced that they picked up the project, with Ittaku being responsible for the translation. Right on the same day, Ittaku also made a final post on the Yakusoku Translations’ site stating his involvement with the official project and also confirming a rehaul of the already existing translation.

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In March 2021, Nekonyan then announced the game to release in 2021, a very generous assumption since they could not anticipate the difficulties that localizing the PLUS content, in particular, the animated H-Scenes supporting E-Mote technology would bring. In fact, the highly anticipated demosaicing process introduced the greatest hardship.

While there was no official announcement, on March 24, 2022, Nekonyan Staff KiriyaAoi stated on the Nekonyan Discord that Clover Day’s had been banned. A guess as to the reasoning behind the ban, ALcot gravitates towards young-looking heroines in school settings which may have ticked Steam off. It wasn’t the first time either.

During an AMA on the r/visualnovels subreddit, they instead confirmed that it would come to other platforms.

Nekonyan Staff confirming it is back!

However, fast forward to today, and we can see it again, live and well after a technical resubmission on Steam, where it can now be wishlisted. Possibly, Nekonyan didn’t submit it themselves this time, but let HIKARI FIELD do it for them.

Steam Page is in Chinese and HIKARI FIELD is listed as the main publisher with Nekonyan being the supplementary one.

Should this title finally be successfully released in August, then all the eternal curses surrounding Ittaku’s projects will be lifted. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that it does.


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8 months ago

This was amazing to read, found uou guys randomly on Twitter (X) and it was a joy reading this, just joined to discord server as well

Hoping for more good articles like this

Also, glad fot Ittaku that his beloved visual novel tramslation can finaly be released 🙂