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Return of the VN Conference!

VN Conference is back!

Visual;Conference, or VNConf, is making its seventh annual return on January 28, 2023. On that day, from 11AM- 6PM EST, you can enjoy a plethora of talks and presentations about visual novels from a variety of attending speakers. If you’re an indie developer, this conference is something you don’t want to miss. Head on over to to take a look at the list of speakers and vote for the topics you’d like to see presented. The topics include game logo design, art direction, growing your own studio, and voice acting—lots of excellent information for anyone who’s interested in visual novels or working on their own. The last day to vote is 12/24, Christmas Eve, so get your votes in now!

You can also visit the Visual;Conference YouTube page to review discussions from the previous six conferences. Included are many useful resources for indie developers. Additionally, after this year’s conference has concluded, the YouTube page will be updated.


The event will be online only. Tickets are currently available for purchase on the conference website,, at $10.00 for a single ticket and $40.00 for five tickets. This is a sale price, so grab your tickets while you can!

Visit to purchase your ticket today!


Lover of visual novels, games in general, and the ocean.

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