Fans on Twitter manage to preserve Fan-made Nintendo DS Port for KEY’s Planetarian

Written by HataVNI

On the 19th of December, an innocuous post was made on Twitter by the user FerbusG, who simply wanted to mention some trivia about Visual Arts’s kinetic novel planetarian – Chiisana Hoshi no Yume to entertain their audience. They talked about a fan-made port of the game created in 2008 by the Chinese KeyFansClub-Community. Ferbus mentioned that they believed this to be lost media.

After receiving a lot of attention, hope quickly grew in the belief that something could be out there. Known community figures such as YouTube creator Manpig and Artist meloncola were on the case. The former asked his friend whether he was in possession of the port.

After not even an hour, Manpig posted a screenshot of the game in all its low-quality resolution glory and Chinese text.

Only a few hours passed until salvation came, because Twitter user Waffurukuru came to the rescue, stating in a QRT that he uploaded the port to the Internet Archive!

Another win for video game preservationists. What a nice day it was!

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