MangaGamer Summer 2016 Sale

Written by Tay

Another summer, another MangaGamer Summer Sale. Here are all the titles on sale this year. I decided to up my game and post pictures AND prices. Why? Because I was feeling ambitious. It took forever, btw, so please love me. NOTE: Many of the games are NSFW!

– the latter tale

$34.95 > $22.71

10-Fata-SoundtrackFata Morgana OST
$11.95 > $10.15

22-IF-MY-HEART-HAD-WINGSIf My Heart Had Wings
$14.99 > $7.49

25-Beat-Blades-HarukaBeat Blades Haruka
$34.95 > $29.70

$29.21 > $29.21

31-Space-Pirate-SaraSpace Pirate Sara
$24.95 > $17.46


$24.95 > $16.21

$34.95 > $27.96

11-Tokyo-BabelTokyo Babel
$34.95 > $24.46

20-Kara-no-Shojo---The-Second-EpisodeKara no Shojo Second Episode
$39.95 > $29.96

23-Princess-EvangilePrincess Evangile
$44.95 > $35.96

26-Koihime-MusouKoihime Musou
$44.95 > $26.97

29-Armored-Warrior-IrisArmored Warrior Iris
$24.95 > $17.46

32-Cum-on!-Bukkake-Ranch!Cum On! Bukkake Rance!
$24.95 > $17.46

– the first tale.
$29.95 > $19.46

06-No-Thank-youNO, THANK YOU!!!
$39.95 > $29.96

09-Fata-NormalThe House in Fata Morgana
(Regular Edition)
$24.95 > $21.20

12-Cho-Dengeki-StrykerCho Dengeki Stryker
$44.95 > $26.97

18-Kara-no-ShojoKara no Shojo
(Voiced Ed.)
$34.95 > $24.46

24-Imouto-Paradise!Imouto Paradise!
$44.95 > $36.96

$44.95 > $29.21

30-Valkyrie-SviaValkyrie Svia
$24.95 > $17.46

33-The-MenagerieThe Menagerie
$15.95 > $11.16

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  • I like Supipara at all, Minori almost go to bankruptcy at the cost of 1000,000,00 on the open scene, and the project failed by not earning $ . Since that, Minori becoming a “boob” company that every other characters have huge boobs since Supipara.

  • Has anyone heard from mangagamer translating white album 2? Like both chapters, I mean I’ve been looking for like 3 days now after watching the anime it kind of suck if I don’t get my happy ending.

    • MangaGamer has not announced any plans to translate White Album 2. Nor is it likely to happen any time soon. Various companies have gone after Leaf/Aquaplus’ eroge catalog but they seem to have no interest in licensing them out for official release. (watch this get announced by someone at AWA just to make me look like a fool) (that won’t happen)

      There is a fan translation of highly dubious quality being worked on at Baka Tsuki ( but we don’t track it due to quality concerns. We track nearly all fan translations regardless of quality, but the WA2 project has shown a special disregard for quality that eventually made us and all other translation status trackers to cease tracking them. So… reader beware?

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