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Kana Okaeri released by JAST

Written by Zakamutt

JAST has released a localization for Kana ~ Okaeri (Welcome Home Kana), a remake of Kana ~ Imouto featuring full voice acting and improved graphics.

Kana ~ Imouto was the first VN Tanaka Romeo (Kazoku Keikaku/Family Project, Cross†Channel) wrote, and deals with your (potentially incestuous) relationship with your sickly little sister. It’s meant to be depressing, so you might want to stay away if that’s not your cup of tea. It contains adult content.

You can buy a digital download for $24.95 at JAST’s website[NSFW], and on sister site J-List[NSFW], you can get a hard copy bundled with the rather less known Sensei 2 at the same price.

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  • Great! Although the graphics are worse. I can’t understand how anyone can think they’re better. There was a Kana fansite that had a side by side comparison but I think it’s gone now.

  • I really REALLY hated it, it’s soul crushing depressing. And it hurts even more when you know dozens of similar cases happen in real life.

    Still, a worthy read if you can endure the drama.

    Now… time for the mandatory “I bought the original years ago, will I get a free (key|upgrade) to the new and improved version?” question…

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