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Sekai Project’s CLANNAD Kickstarter finishes, raises $541,161


On 9 January, Sekai Project’s CLANNAD crowdfunding campaign ended after smashing through the initial goal of $140,000 to raise $541,161 from Kickstarter and $10,720 from PayPal backers for a total of $551,861. The cash successfully thrown at the screen by a total of 5,997 backers allowed it to reach its three stretch goals: HD assets from the PS3 version, localization of the CLANNAD side story collection CLANNAD – Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de, and an original CLANNAD anthology manga.

As far as I know, this is the most money raised by any VN Kickstarter so far, handily beating out earlier champion Mekatokyo Visual Novel Game which raised $299,184 (note that Sekai project’s ongoing Grisaia series Kickstarter is currently also above that amount with 20 days to spare).


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8 years ago

Which idiot said there was no market for visual novels outside Japan?

Reply to  JuicyYuuji
8 years ago

Don’t get your hopes up yet, so far this proves nothing except that Clannad has a devoted fanbase… which we kinda already knew. If the Grisaia series does as equally well than I would celebrate.

Reply to  JuicyYuuji
8 years ago

Clannad is just the exception…a real shame that is probably going to be the only Key game to cross japan…
and to be honest…is the Key game i’ve liked the least

8 years ago

Not related to this topic.
I think you guys missed the announcement of Eden* release and how the Supipara project is officially underway. Eden* release date is January 30.

Reply to  anon
8 years ago

I really wish that mangagamer could use kickstarter for the Supipara project, considering mangagamers’ rep I doubt it will be much of a success. However, we all know now how kickstarter is not apparently policed by the bipolar moral police… so it probably wouldn’t/would end well.