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fault -milestone one- released!

Written by Zakamutt


Yesterday, Sekai Project released a translation of the fantasy VN fault -milestone one-. The novel’s translation was funded by a Kickstarter run by Sekai Project. Created by the two-man circle ALiCE IN DISSONANCE, milestone one is intended to be the first in an episodic series, though the second installment is not yet released in Japan. AiD aims to combine western-style storytelling with anime-style art; their writer Munisix is actually an American native who moved to Japan to pursue his dreams.

Description, as given by Sekai Project:

The story revolves around a princess and her royal guard who have been accidentally teleported to the other side of the planet while trying to escape a brutal attack that has devastated their homeland of Rughzenhaide. The “milestone series” tells the tale of their journey home.

While the title is marked as the ever-nebulous “all-ages”, this generally only excludes sex scenes. One of the CGs I’ve seen has a fair bit of blood flying around, so I wouldn’t recommend it to the squeamish or overly underaged.

You can buy the VN through Steam, where it is currently on sale for 11,24 EUR/USD (25% markdown, with Steam scamming Europeans as usual) or on Sekai Project’s website for $15.00 through a Humble widget. As far as I can tell the Steam version is DRM-free (works with folder moved to a different location and Steam shut down).

This title marks the first release of a crowdfunded original translation by Sekai Project; at the moment World End Economica’s second episode is also slated for release this year.

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  • It’s a shame Sekai Project has NO FUCKING BALLS when it comes to localizing VNs. THIS right here is why we steal, we torrent, we do fan projects. Because of shit like this. I don’t care so much for the hentai scenes, but when you change the story to appeal to 12 year olds. Fuck you.

  • I am not the most knowledgeable around but I think that Sekai Project isn’t acting like a typical distributor. I feel like they are more of a consultant team that helps original developer with releasing its games overseas. According to their data about kickstarter fund-raisings most of the collected money actually goes to the developer. From such position they have to oblige the decisions made by Front Wing and Japanese are against adult release in English. What’s more we have to remember that making business with Japanese is usually not an easy task and it’s based on mutual trust and understanding. If Sekai Project would be too forceful about 18+ release when Front Wing is so much against it, then we wouldn’t probably see Grisaia Trilogy in English (officialy) any time soon. Similar situation happens also with midori and Manga Gamer where midori is opposed to removing mosaics from English releases of eden* and ef.

    • According to Alice in Dissonance, Sekai Project is taking $0 of the money. Alice in Dissonance tried persuading to take at least some money but they refused it. Anyway, I agree with everything else you said.

  • Since it’s DRM-free i hope someone upload it soon. i would buy it of course if i could but some like me are stuck in 3rd world countries nevertheless i am glad Sekai is using steam, hope at some point Fate novels make their way to steam as well.

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