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Common Route Translation for Clover Day’s Released

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Written by JuicyYuuji97

Clover Day’s cover created by Christian-faithful on DeviantArt

An English patch for the common route of Clover Day’s has been released by Yakusoku Translations.

Clover Day’s was developed by Alcot, who also made Osananajimi wa Daitouryou (My Girlfriend is the President). For those who have read Osananajimi wa Daitouryou, you know its setting is about as silly as the title itself, with a focus on comedy, romance, and moe. Clover Day’s also falls into this category to some extent, but features a more emotional setting, as you can see in this summary:

Young Yuuto, raised in an orphanage in England, is adopted by Yoshiomi Takakura.  He is brought to Japan, where he spends his childhood relishing in innocence alongside his new stepsisters, Anzu and Anri.

10 years have passed, so many things have changed, and many have stayed the same. Yuuto’s other childhood friends Hekiru and Hikaru finally return after staying overseas, along with memories from those passing years.  Does he remember that promise he made so long ago?  Rich and fulfilling times now mark the start of the Clover Day’s.

I was personally very charmed by what I saw of the VN when translator astro (he’s looking for more) streamed a bit of his patch a while ago. The translation reads very nicely as well. If you’re still on the fence for whatever reason, our ever-projecty forum member OriginalRen has done a Let’s Play of an early common route patch version. -ed

A previous version of this article featured a quote that erraneously stated Anzu and Anri were the ones who went overseas. They also didn’t go abroad to study T_T.

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