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The Verge: "Soft-core 'Choose Your Own Adventure' apps from Japan are picking up steam in the US"


Hey everybody, Tay here.  The Verge published an interesting article today about the gradual popularization of “Romance Sims” on English and Japanese app stores. Referring to them as “Choose Your Own Adventure-style apps”, and differentiating between “Romance” sims (female protagonists) and “Dating” sims (male or female protagonists), the article focuses primarily on the former.  The article alludes to the genre’s propensity for alluring art and romance, but (in my opinion) does not do so in any aggressive way.  It’s a quick read, and offers an interesting pulse on the forms Visual Novels are taking here in the West.

Read the article here:      The Verge: Feeling lonely? Boot up this romance sim and meet your next five boyfriends


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