Sukisho! First Limit (Boy’s Love VN) — 51% Partial English Patch Released

screen05Partial English patch for Sukisho! First Limit version 0.4 which translates 51% of the game. You can get the patch (and the game) on their website: [] Aarinfantasy thread here: []

Sukisho! – First Limit
VNDB | EGS | Company:  Platinum Label
Total Progress:  51%
(Total Progress is figured with a few other internal numbers.)
Translated Scripts:  77/128  (60%)
Edited Scripts:  62/128 (48%)
Scripts QC’d:  62/128 (48%)
Finished Scripts:  61/128 (48%)

The Translation Team:
Hacker: binaryfail
Translators: Ringo-chan, Shroomy
Editor: Ryechu
Quality Control: Erileigh

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