Dracu-Riot Translation Stalled At 80% – translator retires

ev101a pimg 332 Just saw this on Insem’s site: In pursuit of greater pleasures, he’s retiring from translation because of real life (he found a girlfriend!) o/

“…after recently getting into a relationship, I’ve found it more and more difficult to balance real life commitments with what goes on online. At times, when I get asked ‘What do you do in your free time?’, I’m almost embarrassed to say that I spend it translating porn games. Not a position anyone would want to be in.”


“…Whilst I cannot feel guilty enough about the unfinished work I’ve left behind, and the promises that I’ve broken, I believe my chapter has come to a close. I would like to thank personally all the people I’ve worked with and all those that donated to us over the years; we used every single cent of it on the website. Thank you for all the support and I hope that one day, I will return to the scene.

Detailed information on Dracu Riot will be announced on the 9th, along with the future of the project.

Miu was the character that prompted me to choose the game, and it pains me greatly that I never got around to finishing her route. Whilst work on the game has stalled indefinitely, I will not retire without knowing that the game is in good hands.” []

Good news is the project won’t stay unfinished forever. Hoping he can find a replacement or, perhaps release the scripts out for somebody else to take over in the future?

And where did my comment go??

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  • Aww… Sukz, Well thats understandable 😉 I love Elina the most, Miu 2nd, so i really hope someone picks it up and finishes quickly…
    Btw, like less than 20% of the VN is sex, so you could hardly call it a porn game. The romance and plot plays a lot bigger part in making it such an awesome VN <3

  • It’s too bad the translator wasn’t finished Dracu-Riot! project. I hope that shouldn’t be happening again like Majikoi that always 85% Forever.

  • I dont know why none of the users is angry about the statement of the retirement of the translator, because “he found a girlfriend(??)”.

    Is that a reason to quit the job you have been working your ass off for MONTHS, only because “im a relationship?”.

    I have a girlfriend and im helping with the translation of MAJIKOI from English to Spanish, and also im doing a lot of activities. For me, its not an excuse to say that you have another activities, because i know almost too well that he is doing the translation for free with zero payment, but its because of this reason that you can work at a slow pace, because you are doing it for free.

    Im angry with him because he is stalling the translation when the percentage of Dracu Riot is at eighty percent. But this twenty percent that has been left untranslated can be stalled for months if not years, if nobody takes the project.

    Im disappointed and sad… he was doing a great job with his projects. He had a good quality in his translations, and he chose enjoyable projects to bring to us.

    • Well, if you are that angry, why not try translating it yourself? Translating japanese to english is a lot of harder than between european languages. He may have worked on this project alongside his job, and with a gf on top of that. Anyways , like you I hope someone else takes over, though it’s indeed sad since like you said, he had good quality in his translations.

    • I’m disappointed myself, but I think all in all, it’s his choice to make, and there’s little we can do to convince him otherwise. On the bright side, he chose to announce his retirement and (hopefully) look for a replacement. If he had instead kept his lips shut over it and let the project silently die, that’d have been far worse.

    • Yeah, sounds like a stupid reason to me too. I mean, Everyone has own interests, why should he be ashamed of being an eroge translator?
      Too bad, I was intensly waiting for this game…

  • Let’s make aaeru translate it LOL…..just kidding,it’s kinda sad knowing wat i’ve been waing for along time come to stop…hope someone will trans it

  • Well, was looking forward to this VN for a while, now I guess it’s never going to be released. Wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to get rid of the translation done instead of giving it out to another translator.

  • I don’t think it was a very good idea to leave out the fact that he needs to quit if he wants any chance of getting a job… Those minor details probably make a difference…

  • Right now I could rather care less about the partial patch, I find the fact that he is rapping up hes run a little bit more important. Sad to see him go, he was a good chap and did some great things! 🙂

  • Awwww D:
    I just wanted to play Miu’s route and Elina’s route T__T ( By the way I’m grateful they at least did Elina’s xD ) Hope someone picks this uppp , I mean.. only 20% to translate right?

  • if you visit this page
    he said that:
    “1. Parties interested in the acquisition of the current project or the completion of the remaining route may contact us by 30th September. Should we find a suitable candidate, we will announce the news.

    2. If we are unable to secure a future for Dracu Riot with a reputable or reliable candidate by 1st October, the script files for Miu’s route will be released to the general public for other interested parties.

    3. If, by 1st December there are no active or meaningful attempts at translating Miu’s route, I may come out of retirement to work on her route. However, the likelihood of me finding time to work on the game will only decrease year by year. In light of this, if I am unable to give one last attempt at the end of the year, we will stop beating the dead horse, release the remaining routes, and announce the official death of the project.”

    in his statement #3 he said he could try and translate it(if he’s in a good mood).or
    abandon it and the project will be officially dead(because Im in a relationship LOL ^_^ )

  • I already have ”1” – ”4” chapter with English text.
    so now I’m waiting for chapter 5 with English sub,
    (before, I only reach 4 chapter, so it’s bad ending, now I trying to restart and I has passed the chapter 5! )

  • November already.. I finished Elina route and found out some of minor misstyping in the translation.. well if Elina route is the first one he finish i wonder about the other route? I hope it’s not a bad sign.. this made me realize those who finish the translation of VN is really are a hero for me and many other.. finishing what you do is a big responsibility indeed..

  • If somebody would tell me how to edit a visual novel, I could send you my personal translation. Sure, it isn´t that good (I´m german by the way), nevertheless it should be good enough. My Japanese is at an mediocre- high level and I´m confident, that most of my translated lines are correct.

    • Your options:
      -> Send REtransInternational or some known engineer team a message
      -> Create a thread on fuwanovel and upload your translations for everyone to do whatever they want

    • Really?! Then do it, do it! Although i’m not sure if insem is going to give you the translation he did so far. Try to contact him. If he does not give it to you…. I guess you’ll have to complete what was is missing from the current version of the partial translation..
      Don’t press yourself to do a patch, the translation will be plenty enough. (Of course do one if its no problem to you)

      PS: sorry if I sounded a bit pushy there,,,

  • i am happy for you IRL, but also sad that it’ll take longer for this to get translated. enjoy your life pal. i’m cheering for you

  • I can understan that hes not making any money with this, but start something and leave it this close of the end its something proper of a child, an irreponsible man its the only impression im getting of this translator, a normal person should finish the job and then retires

  • Well I am still hoping you will release the characters you finished translating, it would be a shame if you did not for all the work you put into it.
    I really loved this game and am still hoping for the best.
    please release the translations you have already done.

    anyway I wish you the best of luck,

  • I love dracu riot, the only problem that it was is that if the main character could talk( really talk, not write) i would understand it at least a bit better then when his writing and i cant understand it at all.

    Dracu riot makes me want to translate it, but i never done it before and i dont know what programs to use.

    also dracu riot makes me want to learn japanese so that i can finish the rest of the game….

  • If you can provide the extracted scripts, I can probably help you translate them assuming you are still keen on finishing this up. =)

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