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Clover Days (aka Clover Hearts 2) Alcot 10th Anniversary Work

2013-08-23 06_28_02-1-e13de.jpg (1063×5007) Alcot 10th anniversary work is called “Clover Day’s”. According to the frontpage of this unreleased dengeki hime edition (30/08). It used to be called Clover Hearts 2 (sequel to Clover Hearts). And then I found this ad (pictured below) from last year setting the release date for 2023. BUT, they had to push it back to 2025 (also pictured below).

hira005377flying get! Or not. Have to wait one more week to get your ecchi pics.

Left is 2013 teaser page. Right is 2012 teaser page. Showing off the character designs.
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And this is the EGS page:

Clover Days (ALcot) (2030-01-01)

Brand ALcot

Illustration 仁村有志(PRIMIL) , ちこたむ , 鳴海ゆう

Scenario 宮蔵(みやぞう) Singer 真理絵(marie)


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10 years ago

Such cute loli characters! XD

9 years ago

vndb says there’s would be an english release
how true is it?

Reply to  Lee
9 years ago

If you want more confirmation, visit the IRC listed on the website.