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Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen – Risona route got removed!

otome_bg_index_white_rev2_R This is for the sequel of the Navel game tsuriotsu, called “Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen” (乙女理論とその周辺). Originally the main selling point was the imouto chara Risona gets upgraded to main heroine for the sequel. They made this really clear from the start. But now there is a twitter announcement saying she’s been removed as one of the heroine.

This was what the front page looked like before the master up (notice right side): qLCFIm2

And this is the tweet:2013-07-19 17_06_27-Twitter _ project_navel_ 【悲報】大蔵りそな氏 ...
It says she got bought out by some company and now removed as heroine from game.
To me it sounds too much like a PR move. They’re going to announce the two last mystery characters tomorrow. So just wait for that.2013-07-19 17_14_06-otomeriron_1231_R.jpg (1500×490) I bet she just comes back but under another name or something and somehow it’s part of the plot.

Some Risona Photos:4e6b390d3af10d886647bfb5deeb43a74339e454 909b154065ccc06a403fb08f9b3be4d217a99fbd 575422afe78f9de40fcde369fe7b58bf0cbfe679

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Btw Risona is not drawn by Nishimata Aoi. It’s another person.


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