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Namco High – Browser based dating sim with characters from Namco Bandai Games

tumblr_mq5nwiRg2Z1r1h1o2o1_500 Namco Bandai announced dating sim called “Namco High”. It’s going to be a browser based game and apparently will sport a mish-mash of characters from Namco Bandai video games. So basically you can pursue the girls/guys from the “Tales Of” series? Here is a list of Namco Bandai games. (hey I see Idolmaster??)

”Have you ever wanted to open up your browser and start a relationship with a high school girl, but were too afraid that you could actually be chatting with a Dateline decoy and might wind up sitting on a stool in the kitchen being lectured by Chris Hansen? Well, your worries are over, dear readers! Namco Bandai’s Shiftylook is debuting Namco High, a browser-based dating sim that takes characters from the Namco Bandai video game universe and lets you virtually… date them.” [theouthousers.com]

110402-full NAMCO BANDAI Games’ ShiftyLook Announces NAMCO™ HIGH Browser-Based Dating Sim

Creative genius of top webcomic, Andrew Hussie, to bring new crossover title to life

TOKYO, JAPAN – July 18, 2013 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (TYO: 7832), announced today a partnership with What Pumpkin Studios to create a browser-based dating sim titled NAMCO™ HIGH. Produced under the supervision of NAMCO BANDAI Games’ ShiftyLook project and creative direction of Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie, NAMCO™ HIGH will carefully mash up characters from across the NAMCO BANDAI Games universe and bring them together at a high school just for video game characters. NAMCO™ HIGH will utilize cutting edge HTML 5-based technology from developer Date Nighto LLC to deliver cross-platform dating sim enjoyment on top tier browsers regardless of device. For the latest information, visit ShiftyLook.com. [press release]

Source via Neogaf thread.
Seriously. That awkward language… what is “top tier browsers”?

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