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Date A Live: Rinne Utopia PS3 Comes Out in 3 Days!

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Comes out in 3 days. Date A Live: Rinne Utopia for PS3 Only [Official Site]
Preorder at: []
This game introduces a new heroine named Sonogami Rinne (blonde girl). The only gameplay system is choosing which girl you want to talk to, and the game itself is centered on dating the heroines. Features animated CGs.
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10 years ago

<3 "Princess Momo"

Reply to  mchubby
10 years ago

Quick & dirty way to extract CGs

for %%f in (*.pck) do exwatfopck %%f
for %%f in (*.tex) do dsfo %%f 16 0 %%f.png

Voice.pck has *.at3 files, which are probably ATRAC3 DRM’d files.

Reply to  mchubby
10 years ago


exwatfopck Voice.pck
for %%i in (*.at3) DO quickbms.exe -o “” “%%i” .

you obtain .aa3 files; those I can play in Media Go; People say to use SoundForge to convert to wav but I haven’t tested.

10 years ago

“blonde girl” ._.

I’m not sure what it falls under, but Rinne is not a blonde…

10 years ago

[…] someone uploaded a CG-rip of the PS3 game Date a Live Rinne Utopia on PS3. [] Don’t download this if you intend to play the […]