2D Bishoujo on Oculus Rift

And the future of bishoujo is…^ Virtual reality waifu.
I wonder if an eroge company can get behind this? Like illusion??  I can’t see any one else getting into it. You have to buy $200+ goggles which kills it. No one in Japan has $200.

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  • Oculus Rift is the beginning of the future, probably one of the most successful kickstarters ever, many mayor game companies in the west are supporting it for their future games such as Steam owner VALVE which is HUGE and next gen consoles should support it too, you are not obligated to buy it, you just need it if you want to have a virtual reality experience just like you need speakers if you want to have sound… (note that this is not Augmented reality like google glass is meant to be, it’s full VR). Also my guess is that is the launch price, it will only go down plus it’s not available yet for the public (unless you made a pledge) but from what people who tried it say it’s worth every penny, the most common statement that we get is ‘this is cocaine’.

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