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Popotan Project Looking For More Translators/Hacker!

Just discovered this project Popotan (VNDB)(Wikipedia) by DNSPTP (short for DorankuNekoScans Popotan Translation Project) EDIT:They cut ties. Now popotan trans is independent of DorankuNekoScans I think). (see tweet1 & tweet2). On VNTLS it says Popotan was apparently dropped at one point back in Jan 2011. But now it has been picked up again. Popotan is a 2002 visual novel which has had a 2003 anime adaptation. They are currently looking for translators and hackers: “Would need at least 3 translators to translate it in 1 year or so lol”, they have 2 translators so far.

Blog page for progress updates at:
For applications please send an email to [email protected]
via tweet from Bubu-san.

More Screenshots:
My best wishes for this group.


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10 years ago

[…] Blog post here. […]

10 years ago

And then even their blog got deleted.

Popotan translation can’t happen, it seems.