Employ E-mote 2D animation technology in your visual novel for a mere USD$3,229! (minimum per year)

Was reading through this page on E-mote’s website, it’s a product introduction page. Basically it’s a brief demonstration of E-mote abilities. This was the 2D->3D technology first employed in Witch’s Garden I think.

It’s main features:
1) Simple user interface – drag and drop parts onto your illustration, very intuitive, even a newbie can do it.
2) Some sample templates included in package – as tutorials.
3) Online manual – video tutorials.
4) Comes with a E-mote viewer – which you can use to preview your creations even after your license has expired.
5) You can sell your game using their technology – and you can pay them to give you some extra options for specific characters.
*) Also works on CGs images as shown in above video.

On the ‘costs’ page it says, the cost of a one year license for ONE computer is about 300 thousand yen, which is about USD$3,229. That’s for E-mote Lite.
If you want E-mote Full, it is 700 thousand yen to 1 million yen per character (full support included). This is probably something worth crowd-funding for, get a copy, crack the DRM then share it for everyone to use in their non-commercial everyday doujin drawings. Of course, they’ll rob you and ruin your entire life and your family for daring to share your own purchases… but that’s just how the rules have been decided by our friendly neighbour corporations.

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