Kara no Shoujo 2–Delusional Mystery

Uro no Shoujo (虚ノ少女 aka Kara no Shoujo 2) [] is the sequel to Innocent Grey’s 2008 game called Kara no Shoujo (translated by Mangagamer). This only came out 4 days ago so there isn’t much response yet on EGS. Someone says you should play KS1 first before playing this. This is supposed to be the 3rd game in the ‘series’, (Cartagra is the other one, which has a fan project which got C&D’d, so it’s future is uncertain). Apparently one of the problems with the game is you have to do quite a lot of skipping in order to reach the TRUE route. Both the illustrator & writer is the same as before, 杉菜水姫 (Sugina Miki) and 鈴鹿美弥 (Sudaka Miya).

Sugina art is breathtaking.  (Click to enlarge)She also drew the art for Piannisimo, Caucasus, Cartagra and also helped out with CURE GIRL. [EGS]

Micchi wrote: This is the continuation of Innocent Grey’s 2008 title Kara no Shoujo. Hitogata is a village located in the snowy mountains of the Hokuriku region. A girl was murdered on the night of the festival honouring the clay doll Hinna-sama, leading to the villagers believing that this was the curse of Hinna-sama. One who did not believe in Hinna-sama shall be killed if they attended the festival.

Two years after Touko’s abduction from her hospital room, Reiji’s imouto Yukari saved a man who was trying to commit suicide. He was said to also be a victim of Hinna-sama’s curse. Reiji begins his investigation under the influence of Touko’s disappearance and his knowledge that the religious group which was thought to have dissolved six years ago had resurfaced and was planning something.

The game is separated into two parts: present and past. It continues to use the detective and notebook systems. It is highly recommended that you played the original game. I’m sure many of you are quite looking forward to this, especially if you’re more into story with plenty of ambiance and mystery instead of a character-driven one. Even though the trial was relatively short, it was quite captivating and made you want to play more, especially with so many unsolved elements which confuses the reader early on.

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