Da Capo III is the 4th most popular show on Crunchyroll!

Tweet from @Ninnuendo.

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  • lol I have to agree with those that can’t believe Naruto’s in first place. I even think is amazing that Bleach is in the list. No hard feelings, I just don’t like these shows xD
    PD: I haven’t seen D.C. III yet, I’m waiting for a bit more to see lots of chapters in a row c:

    • It’s just a popularity ranking. So no wonder that Naruto is first. I don’t say Naruto is the best but certainly one of most popular titles of all time.

  • Yep, most of the viewers are probably 12 year old middle school students who wear a headband to school and make throwing stars out of paper.

    Don’t get me wrong; I used to do the above when I was in middle school. Hopefully, these guys grow up to the point there are better shows than just Naruto.

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