JSLive Demonstrates Kanon Running On A Browser

^Have you seen this? It’s Kanon playing on a browser: [visit]. Works best on Chrome. When I reached the OP video after the first few paragraphs, I can hear sound but no image so it doesn’t seem to be perfect yet. JSLive is A Javascript KEY/VisualArts RealLive interpreter. Written by dxprog, the last we heard from him about JSLive was in these two update posts 2 years ago:
JsLive – Progress Report and Screenshots
Posted on 2011/04/03

“After Friday’s more technical post, today I strive to show actual progress on what I’ve deemed to call JsLive.
Today I got a basic graphics stack implemented and working, though it’s riddled with its fair share of bugs and is certainly nowhere near being feature complete (environmental objects, animation, etc). However, I’m having no problem running through entire scenario files having completed the first day in Kanon with no problems. But, on to the screenshots (note – the following where all taken in Chrome 12.0.712.0 dev)!” [Original Post]

JsLive – A Video of Buggy Fail
Posted on 2011/04/09

“A little more teaser of my progress on JsLive. Honestly, this video probably seems like less progress than the screen shots I put up previously, but it does demonstrate some things that static pictures cannot: "motion" and audio. As can be seen by that video, the graphics have quite some major problems and will be my next area of concern. However, I did get jumping between scenario files working and, in theory, the entire game is playable. After getting the graphics to a place I can live with, I plan on rolling out the public beta for people to tinker with.” [Original Post]

Also see dxprog’s twitter account: []
Email: [[email protected]]
I couldn’t find what license it is under but it looks like it is open source. If someone could expand this to Little Busters running on a browser that’s be too cool. If it works I’ll hire a server to do the hosting… hopefully it’s within my means.

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  • Dude, talk about digging up old projects! I hope to get back around to this at some point soon, but in the mean time, I’d love to see it be actively developed 😀

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