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Meruru no Atelier PS VITA version–new scenes, new partyable characters, new costumes

4Gamer list the additions to Meruru no Atelier PS VITA version [Official Site]. Would have really liked it if they would say something about giving the player an option to skip cutscenes, cause I was getting pretty bored of them… actually I would do NewGame+ if they let me skip cutscenes… too bad that wasn’t an option in the PS3 version.

New Partyable Characters:
1. Farna Olsis (フアナ・オルシズ) Complete side-character NPC that sells you the most basic ingredients. She uses a boomerang and has an area-effect attack.
2. Lufes Forken (ルーフェスフォルケン) Kind of an important guy in the game. Would be interested to see his interactions with the party if he was to go along with them.
3. Pamera Ibbis (パメラ・イービス) The item shop keeper that memorizes your alchemical creations, who is also a ghost. Pretty annoying speech pattern.
New Costumes:
Some more screenshots:

Might get Ayesha no Atelier on PS Vita when it comes out just because its Vita. My PS3 is not even plugged in most of the time.


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10 years ago


I usually always end up playing with my PSP or Vita or connect with my Ipad to play games.
This game actually looks fun.